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News Flash June 2023

New Remote I/O drawer for NVMe devices for Power10 servers only, see the YouTube video

News Flash October 2022

Updated Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) White paper with Power10 server range details.

News Flash August 2022

The Enterprise E1050 and Scale-out S1014, S1024, S1022, S1022s, L1024, and L1022 all have a new type of service processor called an Enterprise Baseboard Management Card (eBMC). Find out the details in the section near the end of this webpage called "New eBMC Service Processor Information".

News Flash July 2022

IBM Announces new Power10 servers: S1022, S1024, and E1050. These servers complete the Power10 range of servers from IBM. 
Latest Power performance numbers
Announcements Letters
IBM webpage Power10 product pages
with some high-quality pictures
IBM Power10 Technical Documentation with HMC
  • Link:
    • Select the server name E1050, E1080, S1022, S1022s, S1014, S1024, L1022, and L1024
    • Then, select the area: Downloadable, PDF files, planning, installing, troubleshooting, terminals, and interfaces
    • Plus Operating Systems: AIX, IBM i, and Linux
    • Plus Virtual computing environment: getting started, LPAR, VIOS, set up, manage, monitor, LPM, and "Capacity on Demand"
Technical Videos on YouTube from Nigel Griffiths
YouTube Videos on Power10 Servers
The Power10 server range details by condensed Infographics are now available:
High-End Enterprise E1080 - details of an early machine
High-End Enterprise - focusing on the top facts and highlights
High-End Enterprise E1080 - focusing on technical details

Mid-range Enterprise E1050 - up to 96 CPU cores and 16 TB memory

Scale-out S1024 with many pictures externals and internal and parts removed
Scale-out S1024 with live hand-held video
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power10 best practice
Worth taking a look at the fancy graphics and reports on 
  • on Power10  
  • With the following extras:
    • IDC Report
    • Launch Event video
    • Explore the E1080 in augmented reality 
    • The server reliability report
    • The security paper
    • Inside the Power10
    • Explore PowerE1080
Power10 on Wikipedia
Approved Oracle 19c on AIX 7.3 and Power10
Tips for Migrating Workload to IBM POWER9 and Power10 Processor-Based Systems
  • Power10 servers with an LPAR (virtual machine) in POWER9 mode have some features switched off, like:
    • For AIX 7.3: not available are MMA instructions, Power10 optimized memcpy, and PMU features.
    • Pre AIX 7.2 TL4 sp2: not available are XVE or NX GZIP.
Live Partition Mobility between POWER8, POWER9, and Power10 in detail and the processor modes:


The first Power10 processor-based server is called the Enterprise E 1080

The IBM Power E1080, the most powerful and scalable server in the IBM Power portfolio, provides the following underlying hardware components:

  • Up to 240 Power10 technology-based processor cores
  • Up to 64 TB memory
  • Up to 32 Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen5 slots in system nodes
  • Up to 16 internal NVMe storage devices
  • Up to 192 PCIe Gen3 slots with expansion drawers
  • Up to over 4,000 directly attached serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disks or solid-state drives (SSDs) by using Remote I/O Drawers
  • Up to 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) per system
  • System control unit 2U, providing redundant system Flexible Service Processor (FSP)
  • Delivers in up to four 5U Drawers to scale your server as workloads grow - all in a standard 19-inch rack

The Power E1080 supports:

  • IBM AIX, IBM i, and Linux environments
  • Capacity on demand (CoD) processor and memory options
  • IBM Power System Private Cloud Solution with Dynamic Capacity
  • IBM Cloud Management Console
  • IBM Cloud Power Systems Virtual Server (PowerVS)

image-20220117120306-1 image-20220117114213-2 image-20220117114231-3
One of the four possible Node Drawers per system.
Not shown is the System Control Unit.
OMI Memory card offer higher memory speeds and complete memory encryption. The Power10 processor with 18 billion devices (components).

    New eBMC Service Processor Information - Sept 2022

    The Enterprise E1050 and Scale-out S1014, S1024, S1022, S1022s, L1024, and L1022 all have the new type of service processor called an Enterprise Baseboard Management Card (eBMC). It features and functions are similar to the older FSP but it is an open source project so sharing technology with other vendors to share development costs and increase quality. There a couple of features that you need to know for the initial setup for the IBM Power Systems. The details are covers in a series of small videos from IBM Product Engineer Russ Young and team. Videos cover the setup with and without HMC, basic user tasks, typical problems, and advanced topics. Links to the IBM Media Center videos:
    More to come?
    • The Power10 product range is complete.
    • Email the author, if you have other good sources of official information.

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