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Systems management integration that displays varied tool information in one place

IBM® OMEGAMON® Dashboard Edition for z/OS® displays performance information from a variety of sources—including OMEGAMON monitors and third-party software—in a single location. It delivers near real-time and historical information and operating system and key subsystem performance. You can use a single-screen view of all situation alerts to rapidly identify the root-cause of an issue. OMEGAMON Dashboard Edition is available as a stand-alone offering or as part of IBM® Z Service Management Suite for z/OS®.


Enable enterprise-wide monitoring Integrate data from multiple OMEGAMON monitors into a single IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspace. Represent logical groupings such as business processes or departmental hierarchy.
Resolve issues more efficiently Use the Situation Status Tree in the OMEGAMON enhanced 3270 user interface to understand current system status and locate issues faster.
Deepen insight for IT and management Enhance your team's understanding of how system events impact business-critical applications and focus on root causes more quickly.

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01 October 2020