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On July 24, 2020, IBM Software released Feature Pack for Maximo Asset Management.

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This product update includes fixes, enhancements, and new features for Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1. This document provides information for you to use when upgrading Maximo to the latest version. This Feature Pack (internal version number is exclusively for Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1 and should not be applied to any other product version.
IBM Maximo for Asset Configuration Manager
IBM Maximo for Asset for Aviation
IBM Maximo for Service Providers
IBM Maximo Calibration 7.6.1
IBM Maximo for Life Sciences 7.6.1
IBM Maximo for Utilities 7.6.1
IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management 7.6.1
IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager 7.6.1
IBM Maximo Asset Management Scheduler 7.6.8 (update included in Feature Pack
IBM Maximo Health, Safety, and Environment Manager 7.6.1
IBM Maximo for Oil & Gas 7.6.1
IBM Maximo for Nuclear Power 7.6.2
IBM Maximo for Transportation
IBM Maximo Anywhere 7.6.4
IBM Maximo Asset Health Insights
IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for Oracle 7.6.0
IBM Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP 7.6.1
Do not apply the Feature Pack if you have installed a Limited Availability (LA) Fix created after 29 May 2020 or Interim Fix (IFix) 008 or later, as they may not be included. If you installed any LA Fixes or IFix 008 or later after this date, you should not apply the Feature Pack until the first interim fix is released. At that time, apply both the Feature Pack and the interim fix.
To receive notifications of updates and fixes for Maximo Asset Management, go to Maximo Asset Management Support and click My Notifications to stay informed of critical IBM software support updates.


If you employ any of these solutions, please ensure you meet minimum prerequisites prior to applying Feature Pack. After applying but before running Database update from the Configuration Program, be sure to update Industry Solutions and Add-Ons listed under Products to the supported version.

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17 August 2020