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Every release of IBM i software has a finite support period. The End of support date for each software release is announced either with the initial release announcement or twelve months prior to becoming effective. When a software release reaches the End of support date, direct upgrades to subsequent releases are only available for a limited time.

Monitor the End of support dates in the table below to avoid the following, potentially costly, situations. End of support dates can be found on Release life cycle.

The following table provides information on supported releases and subsequent upgrades to newer releases. A dash (-) in the column indicates a direct upgrade to the specified release is not available.

Release upgrade information
Release1 Upgrade to
IBM i 7.1
Upgrade to
IBM i 7.2
Upgrade to
IBM i 7.3
Upgrade to
IBM i 7.4
Upgrade to
IBM i 7.5
V5R4 X - - - -
IBM i 6.1 X X - - -
IBM i 7.1 - X X - -
IBM i 7.2 - - X X -
IBM i 7.3 - - - X X
IBM i 7.4 - - - - X


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08 February 2023