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This page has information and links on a variety of IBM i related topics, including IBM i Entitlement Transfer, backup licensing on IBM i, Service Provider topics, support topics, and more.

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IBM i Processor and User Transfer

IBM i will enable the transfer of IBM i processor and user (when applicable) entitlements from one machine to another within the same end user's enterprise under certain qualifying conditions.

IBM i Portfolio Simplification

As announced in June of 2022, many Licensed Program Products (LPPs) for IBM i are now zero priced.

IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (IBM i Merlin)

IBM offers a set of containerized applications that will act as a set of guides, or patterns, to help IBM i software developers more easily take on the task of moving into a DevOps, modular, services-oriented world. The IBM i Merlin tools will make it easier for clients to use a combination of on-premises IT infrastructure and one or more clouds.

Virtual Serial Number

IBM offers you the ability to acquire a virtual serial number and assign it to a logical partition, also known as a virtual machine (VM). IBM i software can then be ordered on or transferred to the virtual serial number rather than a IBM Power machine serial number.

High Availability and Backup Recovery on IBM i

IBM i Service Provider topics

Db2 Web Query for i and Query for i

As of January 8, 2019: IBM changed the ordering of IBM Query for i (5770-QU1), formerly known as Query/400, and IBM Db2 Web Query for i (5733-WQX). Previously, Query for i was bundled with Db2 Web Query orders. Now Query for i is available to order separately and no longer bundled with Db2 Web Query. Refer to the January 8, 2019 announcement letter "IBM Db2 Web Query for i and IBM Query for i offer more flexible ordering".

Entitled Software Support (ESS)

This Web site provides access to and management support for IBM i and System i program entitlements and software keys. IBM i and AIX customers will also find Web initiated release upgrades, electronic software download and software maintenance inventory information support.

Note: Refer to IBM i Self-Serve Interim Keys for details on one method to acquire emergency temporary keys for qualifying situations.

For more information on ESS, go to the Entitled Software Support (ESS) Web site: Registration and User Guides . These documents provide a detailed overview of ESS web site functionality.


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