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IBM i 7.3 - Base Enhancements


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IBM i 7.3

The remainder of this landing page intends to make it easy to see the supporting detail these enhancements.

– Simplified Insight
– Intelligent Security 
– The Power of Integration
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Db2 for i    

  • System-period Temporal tables
  • New OLAP specifications
    • Within partitioning windows
    • For statistical analysis
    • Parallel execution
  • Generated Columns for Auditing Row
  • Attach and Detach Partition
  • New and Enhanced IBM i Services
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Db2 for i continues to deliver data-centric solutions to enable improved data processing solutions on IBM i. Both System-period temporal table support and generated columns for auditing row level actions can be answer important questions with no application changes. Better yet, these solutions work for both SQL tables and DDS created physical files.

Db2 for i also steps up its posture for support of OLAP built-in functions and specifications. Through the use of this new OLAP capability and the SQL Query Engine, customers can extract new and important insights into the data stored within Db2 for i.

These and other enhancements await Db2 for i users on IBM i 7.3

Application Development 

IBM i continues to transform ​application development on IBM i by leveraging the latest in open source languages, source control, and development environments. Additionally, we have continued to re-invent the RPG language to remove its 'punch card' heritage to allow modern developers the ability to successfully write new and maintain existing key business applications. 

Systems Management and PowerHA

With the continual change in the devices that we all work with the strategic tools we use to manage and access the IBM i have been changing. These tools contain a great number of productivity improvements to give you the tools to not only work better and faster, but smarter. 

Security and Networking

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​IBM i has always been the most 'securable' platform in the industry.  In IBM i 7.3 you can now prove it. With the new Authority Collection support you have incredible insight into the actual security required by a user to run an application.


IBM i 7.3 runs on selected Power Systems Servers with POWER8, POWER7+, and POWER7 technology.  Note that IBM i 7.3 is not supported on POWER7 Blades or POWER7/POWER7+ IBM Flex Compute Nodes or on systems with technology older than POWER7.  IBM i continues to add new hardware, I/O, and virtualization capabilities to the supported Power Systems to meet your expanding business needs.

Core Operating System Updates
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IBM i 7.3 adds numerous new capabilities to increase ease of use and ease of business operations to allow clients to focus on their business rather than their IT.

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27 April 2024