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How to run a dump_info in IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator

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How to run the (UNIX/Linux / Windows) script in IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator.


B2Bi/SFG Support requested a dump_info output for troubleshooting purposes. How/where do I obtain it?


Microsoft Windows Operating System:
  1. Click Start > Run
  2. Type CMD and press Enter, or access the host operating system shell
  3. To go to the installation directory, type:
    cd <INSTALL_DIR>/bin
    and then press Enter
  4. Type: dump_info.cmd > dump_info.log  
    and then press Enter
  5. A file with the name "dump_info.log" will be created in the directory in which the command was run.

UNIX or Linux Platforms:
  1. To go to the installation directory like: <INSTALL_DIR>/bin
    Then do the command: ./ > dump_info.log
  2. A file with the name "dump_info.log" will be created in the directory in which the command was run.
iSeries platform:
Run the command manually from a Qshell interactive session OR submit it as a job/CL (control language) program through PGM.
Example: SBMJOB CMD(QSH CMD('umask 002 ; cd install_dir/bin ; ./ > dump_out.txt')) JOB(SIMAIN)
NOTE: B2Bi 5.2.6 reached End of Support 9/30/2021; and B2Bi 6.x removed support for the iSeries platform.

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