What's deprecated

The What's deprecated topic provides the list of features and platforms that are deprecated from this release.

Deprecated Features

  • MESA Studio:
    The following are no longer supported under MESA Studio:
    • MESA Developer Studio
    • MESA Developer Studio SDK, Plug-ins, and Skin Editor
    • Reporting Services
  • Advance File Transfer:

    You can use File Gateway to transfer files within and between organizations securely.

  • Manage Layout:

    Removed Customize Pane support which enables to add portlets and panes to your dashboard.

    You can now add customized UI links as part of the dashboard menu, in the left navigation pane. You can also implement Single Sign On (SSO) on the web application to enable you to log in seamlessly using the Sterling B2B Integrator session.

    For more information, see Adding a custom menu.

  • eInvoicing
  • Zengin server
  • WebDAV client and server
  • Internal Active MQ
  • Sterling Integrator Mobile

Deprecated Platforms

  • Databases:
    • My SQL
  • Operating systems:
    • HP-UX
    • Solaris
    • iSeries
  • War files - demosuite, federation, portlets, webproduct, webservices, websuite, webxpord, webxtools, webx, wssd, xforms, communitymanagement, and onboard are not deployed on HTTP Server Adapter.
  • IBM JDK 7
  • Business Rules Management System (BRMS) service is deprecated.

Deprecated Ciphers

The following ciphers are no longer supported for the SFTP adapter:
  • CAST128_CBC