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BiLog: Donuts, New and Ad Hoc Preview Limits!

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BiLog: Donuts, New and Ad Hoc Preview Limits!


 In 2015, there were yardsticksspreadsheetstoast and donuts.  

In 2016, even more excitement is in the work in #WatsonIoT with new, new, new stuff!

Can't wait?   Let's Preview 2016 with the new Ad Hoc Report Preview limits introduced in Maximo 7.6!  



Ad hoc preview limits can be set for users creating ad hoc reports.  These limits can prevent users from executing ad hoc reports against very large records sets as they build their report content.      This is the stage where a user views his report frequently to confirm that the format, fields and calculations are displaying as expected.    These reports are often referred to as transient reports.

You may want to set preview limits for a subset or all of your users who have security privileges to create reports.   These are defined in the Set Security Group Limits action.  If  a user tries to preview report with records greater than their ad hoc preview limit,  this message will display that the user must reduce their record set before creating an ad hoc report.  

'BMXAA8768E - The number of records selected exceeds the limit for the ad hoc reporting preview.  Close the Ad hoc report window, reduce your query to less than X records and re-create the report'

Preview limits are applied as the report's record limit when the ad hoc report is saved.  The administrator can change/delete these as required via the report tab in Report Administration.



You can view a video recording of the Ad Hoc Preview Limits here!

So in 2016....let's keep learningwatching, playing and and talking face-to-face!   Hope to see you next month at Interconnect 2016 and Happy, Happy 2016!

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