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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)



Error Description

OSP-BASEDIR-INCORROUT IBM Navigator for i                      

Problem Summary

The PTF delivers some improvements on IBM Navigator for i.      
1.For DM GUI support for Slider disk enclosure:                
For the new Silder disk enclosure, the Graphical View in IBM    
Navigator for i doesn't provide the front view of it and the    
disks inserted in the Slider disk enclosure can't be operated in
IBM Navigator for i.                                            
2. Failure with additional VLAN IDs on update when creating    
For servers that are not managed by an HMC, IBM Navigator for i
provides the ability to specify additional VLAN IDs for a      
virtual ethernet adapter, in accordance with the IEEE 802.1Q    
specification.  When this option is used in the hosting        
partition (partition 1), the partition may fail to create the  
virtual device.                                                
3. For Performance Data Investigator:                          
1) Performance Data Investigator perspective "Disk Statistical  
Overview by Disk Unit" sort by disk unit number was not sorted  
by the numeric value.                                          
2) Performance Data Investigator users with profiles granted    
authorization by QPMCCFCN list were not provided authority to  
the PML location directories.                                  
3) Performance Data Investigator was not handling large memory  
sizes from QAPMCONF file.  This resulted in an empty field for  
partition memory on System Information panel as well as        
incorrect value on Size Next Upgrade launch to Workload        

Problem Conclusion

1. For DM GUI support for Slider disk enclosure:                
To support the new Slider disk enclosure in IBM Navigator for i,
the disks in the Slider disk enclosure, the corresponding frame
and the front view of the frame can be shown in the Graphical  
View function. What's more, the disks inserted in the Slider    
disk enclosure can also be operated as needed.                  
2. Failure with additional VLAN IDs on update when creating    
The Licenced Internal Code (LIC) path can accidentally remove  
virtual ethernet resources from the partition when additional  
VLAN IDs are set.  With this PTF, IBM Navigator for i uses a new
interface that does not cause this issue.                      
3. For Performance Data Investigator:                          
1) The disk unit number was evaluated as a char instead of an  
integer.  Changes were made to correctly evaluate the disk unit
number as an integer.  Sort on this field is now done correctly.
2) The authorization list QPMCCFCN will be granted authority to
the PML directory '/QIBM/UserData/OS400/Navigator/config/PML'  
through the PTF exit program.  Users in this authorization list
will be able to access the PML directories.                    
3) Changes were made to correctly use and display large memory  
sizes on the QAPMCONF System Information Panel as well as      
passing the values to Workload Estimator on the Size next      
Upgrade Panel.  This included using the larger field POSIZB in  
QAPMPOOLB when available.                                      
4. Under Add Tape action, a function for making cartridges      
available has been added.                                      
5. For Enhanced Subsystem Management features:                  
Subsystem management within IBM Navigator for i has been greatly
expanded. Previously, only the currently active subsystems could
be displayed and worked with using Navigator. A new node for    
Subsystem Descriptions has been added under the Work Management
node. This displays the subsystem descriptions on the IBM i.    
From this list, you can create a subsystem description. You can
also change, start, stop, show jobs, delete, and edit properties
for existing subsystem descriptions.                            
The properties for a subsystem description now allow the user to
add/change/remove the following type of subsystem description  
attributes, without having to know the appropriate CL command:  
-- autostart job entries                                        
-- work station name entries                                    
-- work station type entries                                    
-- job queue entries                                            
-- routing entries                                              
-- communication entries                                        
-- remote location name entries                                
-- prestart job entries                                        
6. Bell (4-port Async adapter) has been added to support Async  
PPP on IBM Navigator for i.                                    
7. IBM Navigator for i now supports HTTP as the default protocol
instead of HTTPs:                                              
Users can access http://<hostname>:2001/ as before, but this    
will now redirect users to HTTP port 2004 instead of HTTPs port
HTTPs will be disabled by default. If users require HTTPs, it  
must now be configured on the individual IBM i system.  You can
follow the instructions on our service page:               
8. Additonal browser support:                                  
The Safari and Edge browsers can now be used to access IBM      
Navigator for i.  IE will no longer be supported. IBM Navigator
for i now supports the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google
Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.                      
9. IFS Symbolic Link Indicator, which can separate symbolic    
links and real files/directories in order to allow users to    
determine file structure quicker and easier.                    
10. Dashboard is a new feature delivered on IBM Navigator for i.
With the Dashboard, users can view key system data in real time.
 This provides visual indicators of overall system status and  
11. The AFP Manager function is being added to IBM Navigator for
i. It is currently part of the System i Navigator client        
application. AFP Manager lets you work with AFP resources (code
pages, coded fonts, font character sets, form definitions,      
overlays, page definitions, and page segments), font mapping    
tables, and PSF configuration objects. You can create an AFP    
resource on your personal computer and save it as an object on  
the system. This is called importing. AFP Manager also lets you
create font mapping tables and PSF configuration objects.      

Temporary Fix



1. For failure with additional VLAN IDs on update when creating

Re-IPLing the hosting partition will create the correct        
2. For Performance Data Investigator:                          
1) Sort on another field for the perspective.                  
2) Add the authorization list to the Navigator directory:      
QSYS/CHGAUT OBJ('/qibm/userdata/OS400/Navigator/config/pml')    
AUTL(QPMCCFCN) SUBTREE(*ALL)                                    
3) None.                                                        

PTFs Available

R710 SI67927 PTF Cover Letter   1000

Affected Modules


Affected Publications

Summary Information

Status............................................ CLOSED PER
HIPER........................................... No
Component.................................. 5770SS1ED
Failing Module.......................... RCHMGR
Reported Release................... R710
Duplicate Of..............................

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14 July 2018