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SE53761 - OSP-BASEDIR-INCORROUT IBM Navigator for i

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 APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report)



Error Description

OSP-BASEDIR-INCORROUT IBM Navigator for i                      

Problem Summary

This PTF delivers new features in IBM Navigator for i.          

Problem Conclusion

This PTF delivers a significant update to the Web navigator    
support. This interface has been known as IBM Systems Director  
Navigator for i. This interface is being renamed as part of this
PTF to reflect the significant update. It is now called IBM    
Navigator for i. The Web navigator interface has been updated to
improve performance and usability making this interface more    
like the client interface in many aspects.                      
The new features for IBM Navigator for i include:              
1. Enhancements to the user interface                          
  - Left navigation: The left navigation area has been enhanced
to support true dynamic navigation, allowing quick and easy    
navigation to the desired IBM i resource via a light weight    
navigation tree.                                                
 - Independent tabs:  The tabs across the work area are now    
independent and allow quick and easy navigation when clicking  
between each open tab.                                          
 - Dynamic tables:  In many places a new table support has been
implemented which provides  quick filter, quick links to        
navigate to additional pages of data, dynamic context menus, and
row sensitive hover text allowing you to scroll to the right and
still know the important information for a specific row even    
when its out of view.   Selecting items in a table is now      
similar to how the client application works,  with the Shift and
Ctrl keys allowing for quick selection of blocks of items or    
multiple items.  Context menus are displayed by simply right    
clicking on an item, just as one does with the client          
application today.                                              
Note:  Browser levels.  For this update we recommend  Firefox  
V10 or higher or Internet Explorer V8 or higher.  It is also    
highly recommended to clear the browser cache before accessing  
IBM Navigator for i the first time.                            
2. Integrated File System                                      
                - Capability for a user to download a file or  
folder from an IBM i system to a local PC or upload a file from
a local PC to a folder on an IBM i system.                      
                - A simple text editor has been added for      
editing text files in the integrated file system.              
3. Disk Management                                              
              - The user access restrictions on Disk Management
has been removed. In previous service packs, in order to use the
Disk Management features on IBM Navigator for i, the            
user/password from XPF and Service tools must be equal and      
uppercase. In this service pack, we removed the restriction and
allow the user to have a different user and password for XPF and
Service Tools.                                                  
               - Rebuild disk unit data -  Capability for a user
to rebuild data on a failed disk unit in a parity set.          
4. Omnifind Search                                              
OmniFind Search is an IBM strategic text index                  
solution/technology. IBM Navigator for i provides GUI interfaces
to manage OmniFind Text Search servers and indexes.            
5. ISC DHCP Server                                              
Capability for a user to configure ISC DHCP Server which is used
to replace the Native DHCP Server is included.                  
6.  Performance Task                                            
             -  Integration with Database.  New Database        
packages available in Performance Data Investigator.  Available
when LPP PT1 Option1 is installed                              
                     -  Physical Database I/O perspectives      
displaying new metrics from Collection Services                
                     -  SQL Performance Data - Perspectives to  
display graphs of SQL Plan Cache Event Monitors, SQL Plan Cache
Snapshots, and SQL Performance Monitors                        
             -  Performance Data Report -  New function provides
the ability to generate a pdf or zip file for a group of charts
and tables on one collection.  Predefined Performance Data      
Report Definitions provide ready made groups of perspectives to
generate reports on your chosen collection.   Creating a custom
definition allows you to choose the perspectives to generate in
one report.                                                    
              -  Additional Java perspectives added            
              - Job Watcher enhancement to display job holder  
information when you have identified a thread or task is holding
              - System Information panel -  Additional heading  
information for Collection Services collections available in    
perspective display panel                                      
              - Drill-down information provided on the title bar
for what metrics were selected for a chart or table drill-down  
              - Option to show SQL error messages to assist in  
debugging SQL when using Modify SQL function                    
7. Database                                                    
              - Functions and Procedures are now fully supported
              - Filter added to detailed compare of SQL Plan    
Cache Snapshots, SQL Performance Monitors, and SQL Plan Cache  
Event Monitors to show plans that are different                
              - 'OR'  filter added to Show Statements of SQL    
Plan Cache Snapshots, SQL Performance Monitors, and SQL Plan    
Cache Event Monitors                                            
              - Generate SQL option to specify whether to      
qualify object names                                            
              -  Show Statements from index advisor uses        
additional advised index information to match SQL statements    

Temporary Fix



PTFs Available

R710 SI47573 PTF Cover Letter   3037

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Summary Information

Status............................................ CLOSED PER
HIPER........................................... No
Component.................................. 5770SS1ED
Failing Module.......................... RCHMGR
Reported Release................... R710
Duplicate Of..............................

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14 February 2013