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APAR status

  • Closed as suggestion for future release.

Error description

  • Description:
    When using Fastmap to import changes to object records, fields
    not included in the ?Detail View? on the standard UI will not be
    updated.  Fastmap will finish successfully with no
    errors/warnings however the field is not updated.
    NOTE: Steps are written for OP 8.2.0
    NOTE:  For this example we will use the Policy object type,
    however, any object type can be used.
    1.	Log into OpenPages as the Administrator
    2.	Switch to the Standard UI
    a.	Click the ?person? icon and select ?Switch to Standard UI?
    3.	Create a new text field
    a.	Navigate to Administration -> Object Types
    b.	Select the object type (for this example Policy)
    c.	Click on a field group where you will add the new field (in
    this example OPSS-Pol)
    d.	Next to ?Field Definitions? click on ?Add?
    e.	Provide a name and data type = simple string
    f.	Enable System Admin Mode
    g.	Click ?Create?
    h.	Disable System Admin Mode
    4.	Assign the field to the profile
    a.	Navigate to Administration -> Profiles
    b.	Select the profile for the administrator
    c.	Under ?Object Types? click on ?Policy?
    d.	Next to ?Object Fields? click on ?Include?
    e.	Select your new field, click ?Include?
    5.	Log out of OpenPages and Log back in
    6.	Create a new Task View for the Policy object to display your
    new field
    a.	Click the ?Open Administration menu? icon
    b.	Select Solution Configuration -> Views
    c.	Click on ?Add New?
    d.	Click ?Use as default view for this object type for all
    e.	Object Type = Policy
    f.	Provide a name
    g.	Type = Task
    h.	Copy from view = Detail
    i.	Click ?Add?
    j.	On the View Designer, drag  your new field into the view
    k.	Click ?Publish?
    7.	Create a policy record
    a.	Click the icon for ?Open Primary Menu?
    b.	Select Policy Management -> Policies
    c.	Click ?Add New?
    d.	Provide the required fields
    e.	Click ?Save?
    f.	View the record to see your field is empty
    8.	Export the record to Excel
    a.	Go back to the Grid view for Policies
    b.	Place a check next to your new policy record
    c.	Click the ?Export? button
    d.	Click ?Export? again (no need to export any children)
    e.	Click ?ok? to open the File in Excel
    9.	Update the new text field in Excel
    a.	Click ?Enable Editing? so that you can update the Excel File
    b.	On the ?Definition? tab clear the value next to ?exportDate?
    c.	On the ?Policies? tab scroll all the way to the right to find
    your new field
    d.	Update your field with some text (for example: Update made on
    <today?s date>?
    e.	Save the Excel File
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1.	Log into OpenPages as the Administrator
    2.	Import the Fastmap file
    a.	Click on the icon for ?Open Administration menu?
    b.	Click Fastmap -> Fastmap Import
    c.	Browse to the Excel file saved previously
    d.	Click ?Import Data?
    e.	Ensure no validation messages, click ?Import Data?
    f.	If needed click ?Refresh? until you get a ?Completed
    Successfully? message
    g.	Close the pop-up window
    3.	Open the object record to see if the update is there
    a.	Go back to the Policy Grid View
    b.	Click on the policy record
    c.	Note the field is not updated

Local fix

  • Ensure that the field is in the ?Detail? view of the profile.

Problem summary

Problem conclusion

Temporary fix


  • This is not an APAR, it is working as designed.  We have always
    had a requirement to put the field into the detail view for this
    to work.  In the future, we might look to change this, but for
    now, this is working as designed.

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10 February 2021