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IC98417: Fixes in IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ shipped with DB2 v97 Fixpack 9


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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • ___________________________________________________________
    All Connectivity :If DB2 server is setup to accept only TLS 1.2
    protocol,the java app(JCC) can connect to the server using
    TLS1.2 protocol. Using SSL by configuring TLS1.2
    This issue is fixed in JCC3.64,jcc3.68,jcc4.14 andjcc4.18
    When the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ
    for Type 2 connectivity is used, columns of numeric data types
    (SMALLINT, INTEGER, etc) may get inserted into the database
    with incorrect values.
    Type-2 connectivity: If JCC Client and DB2 server are on
    different operating system.
    This issue is fixed in JCC3.64,jcc3.65,jcc3.66,jcc4.14,jcc4.15
    and jcc4.16
    All connectivities: Improvements in the JCC common code to
    reduce CPU impact and enhance performance.
    Type-4 connectivity: When an XADataSource with
    enableSysplexWLB property configured as true is used, a
    gradual growth in total transport object count occurs.
    Over time, the total transport object count may reach the
    maximum allowed causing all subsequent operations to fail
    with the SQLException Timeout getting a transport object from
    pool. ERRORCODE=-4210, SQLSTATE=57033.
    Type-4 connectivity: The JCC driver returns incorrect
    length, precision and scale metadata for TIMESTAMP and
    TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE parameters in a stored procedure.
    The incorrect parameter metadata recorded in a pureQuery
    capture file causes corresponding stored procedure
    invocations in static mode to fail with SQLCODE -180.
    Type-4 connectivity: A java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:
    Array index out of range: 255, may be thrown by the JCC driver
    when invoking a stored procedure that has array types as
    and number of parameters are more than 83. The problem has been
    Closing text :SQLJ:When performing SQLJ customization on a
    3-tier connection to DB2 10.1 server (via DB2 Connect v9.7
    server) connection fails with DRDA data stream syntax error with
    (-4499), after rollback is sent on the connection.
    [jcc][t4][2034][11148][3.64.106] Execution failed due to a
    distribution protocol error that caused deallocation of the
    A DRDA Data Stream Syntax Error was detected.  Reason: 0x1900.
    ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=58009 The problem is not reproducible
    with a direct connection. This problem is fixed. (RTC 33509)
    All Connectivities :A batch update may fail if its using
    setDBStringAsByte to set Unicode text and the first
    row of the same batch had null for the same column
    All Connectivities: Driver returns an SQLCODE401 (-401) While
    updating a column defined in DB2 as SMALLINT using the
    setBoolean() API of the java.sql.PreparedStatement interface.
    This issue is fixed.(wsdbu01060873)
    Type-4 XA Connectivity: In a workload balancing and XA
    transaction environment, an SQLCODE4228 (-4228) error might
    return to the application if auto failover has occurred during
    a local transaction. (wsdbu01060779)
    Type-4 connectivity:A java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:
    Array index out of range: 255, may be thrown by the driver
    when invoking a stored procedure that has array types as
    parameters and number of parameters are more than 83.
    The problem has been fixed. (wsdbu01061046)
    Type-2 z/OS Connectivity: For an IMS MPP/BMP/IFP application
    executing in a Persistent JVM environment and calling a Java
    application which makes DB2 calls through the driver, this
    driver provides a new partial Reset interface to allow reuse of
    the JDBC Connection object which can boost performance. For
    more detailed information, please refer to IMS APAR PM80880.
    All connectivity:
    When keepAliveTimeout is set to zero, JDBC client is  expected
    to use  operating system default   timeout parameters.
    This was not functioning as expected .
    The problem has been fixed.(wsdbu01202781)

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED:                                              *
    * All JDBC user                                                *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION:                                         *
    * See Error Description                                        *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    * User has to upgrade to LATEST db2v97FP9 Fix pack to get all  *
    * the fixes.                                                   *

Problem conclusion

  • The problem has been addressed with JCC version that is shipped
    with db2v97fp9 release.

Temporary fix


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19 June 2020