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This document contains a collection of product documentation links for AnthillPro prior to its acquisition to IBM.


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AnthillPro combines Continuous Integration with automated deployments and test orchestration to create a Continuous Delivery pipeline. Scalable to enterprise class, AnthillPro provides a flexible automation framework that integrates with over a eighty third party tools right out of the box. AnthillPro gives you an automation framework with the ability to adjust configurations as needed by application, and allows for enterprise repeatable process that can be customized where needed.


AnthillPro Hardware Requirements

AnthillPro Upgrade Checklist

Changing JAVA_HOME on Agents

Changing Java Architecture on Servers

Cloning an AnthillPro Instance

Database Permissions

Increasing Timeouts

Moving an Installation to New Directory

Performance Tuning Agents

Performance Tuning Servers

Selecting Java Version At Build Time For Ant Builds


Windows Services

General / Best Practices / Knowledge

3.8 Branch Directory Restructure

AHPTool Documentation

Backups of AnthillPro

Common Port Usage

Default Database Versions for Anthills

Dependency Configuration Via File

Directory Overrides


Lock For Workflow

Pre-Flight Tool

Quiet Periods and Their Purpose

Server-Side Process Steps




AnthillPro Template Reports

AnthillPro Velocity Reports

Report Templates

Sample Scripting And AHPSCRIPTS

Agent Filter

Event Selector

Event Triggers

Miscellaneous Scripts

Notification Templates

Pre-Condition: Job

Pre-Condition: Step

Recipient Generators

Remoting Specific Scripts


Status Scripts

Workflow Properties


Common Error Messages

Customizing Command Prompt to be Install Ready

Dumps From a Java Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful plugin information

Open Up Jconsole

Perform Agent Connection Test

What to Consider When Submitting a Support Ticket

Workflows Stuck on the AHP Server

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