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Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.14.2 - Hadoop Dev

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Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.14.2 - Hadoop Dev


Today (November 26, 2019), I am very excited to announce the release of IBM Big Replicate for Hadoop 2.14.2, Object Stores 2.14.2, Hive 4.0.1 and Security 4.0.2, now available!

The IBM Big Replicate Suite will now add support to Cloudera Distributed Hadoop (CDH) v6.0-v6.3 platform along with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) v3.0-v3.1.4.


Big Replicate is a replication technology that gives you LIVE DATA — consistent data everywhere, spanning platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale. Big Replicate enables data replication for Hadoop and cloud object stores with continuous data availability and consistency exceeding the most demanding enterprise SLAs.


Moving big data operations from lab to production environments, across multiple Hadoop distributions, and on-premise to cloud governed by data availability agreements is no easy task. Big Replicate helps customers solve these problems with the following benefits:

– 100% Availability of data with virtually zero RTO/RPO
– Reduced costs by doubling capacity with no increase in hardware costs
– Migrate to cloud easily with no problem and no downtime
– Fast and real-time data replication
– No vendor lock-in

What’s new in Big Replicate 2.14.2?

1. Support for latest HDP and CDH distributions
IBM Big Replicate 2.14.2/4.0.x adds support for latest Hadoop distributions, including:

– CDH 6.0-6.3
– HDP 3.0-3.1.4

2. Hadoop configuration after installation
Big Replicate for Hadoop allows for installation to complete without configuring cluster-specific requirements, which can be now be configured in-life.

3. Kerberos configuration after installation: Kerberos configuration can be performed after installation, making it simpler to adjust a Big Replicate deployment to security changes made for a Hadoop cluster.

4. Post-install induction: Induction of nodes for a new zone is no longer performed at time of installation of that zone, but during in-life operation.

5. Post-install licensing: A default 30-day, 1 TB license applies following installation and can be updated with a new license through configuration.

6. NameNode Proxy: The NameNode Proxy is the new Big Replicate default and preferred means of integrating HDFS client applications with a Big Replicate environment. This eliminates the need to distribute client libraries across all Hadoop cluster nodes, and allows applications to retain use of the standard Apache HDFS client.

This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

Technical documentation can be found in IBM Knowledge Center.
This new release of Big Replicate offerings is available for download from Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express website.
Learn more by visiting US.

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