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Organizations today are retooling their IT operations to embrace artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and advanced analytics. But they’re challenged by data and workloads that are scattered around the globe, by the increasing time needed by AI training and inferencing workloads, and by the cost and scarcity of resources, especially graphic processing units (GPUs).

To address these challenges, IBM Storage Scale provides software-defined file and object storage for both structured and unstructured data, and IBM Storage Scale System is a hardware implementation of Storage Scale software that is optimized for the most demanding AI, high-performance computing, analytics, and hybrid cloud workloads.

To unlock the full potential of AI and ensure that fast GPUs aren’t being starved by slow IO, Storage Scale System 6000 supports the NVIDIA GPUdirect Storage protocol, which enables a direct data path between GPU memory and local or remote storage, such as NVMe or NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF). This GPUDirect architecture removes the host server CPU and DRAM from the data path, so the IO path between storage and the GPU is shorter and faster.

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Benefits Improve efficiency

Build a sustainable, low-energy and high-performance infrastructure, that is flexible for multiple concurrent workloads.

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Accelerate AI

IBM Storage Scale System is designed to build an information supply chain for AI and the flexibility to access multiple data sources with parallel high performance platform.

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Unleash the Enterprise Core

Create an open hybrid cloud that modernizes infrastructure with global data unification from edge to cloud.

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Storage systems for NVIDIA Simplify your infrastructure by breaking down data silos to lower costs with one data platform and a single source of truth for your AI workloads. IBM Storage Scale

Solve AI data challenges with innovation, simplicity and business results.

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IBM Storage Scale System

Leverage an all-flash or hybrid scalable storage building block designed to create high-performing clusters for IBM Storage Scale in a sustainable IT architecture.

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IBM Fusion

Take advantage of enterprise AI container-native storage solutions for OpenShift®.

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Storage for AI

Modernize your storage infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

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IBM named as an industry leader for 7 years in a row
Gartner has recognized IBM as leader in distributed file and object storage for many consecutive years. Get the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ report
Resources Build your AI architecture today

Find out how IBM and NVIDIA provide an end-to-end reference architecture to help you get faster AI results.

Accelerate AI with object storage

Get high performance data pipelines with cloud storage or other S3 data connected to IBM Storage Scale.

Storage for AI

Global Data Platform, engineered to accelerate AI innovation and business growth with faster access to more data.

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Learn how IBM Storage solutions can help you modernize for next-generation AI workloads without compromising.

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