IBM Watson: The new face of fantasy

Uncertainty. Ambivalence. Doubt. The countenance of difficult decisions is plain to see. But, ESPN and IBM have teamed up to bring a new level of insight to fantasy football team owners. Watson has analyzed millions of documents and thousands of fantasy websites to help you calculate risk and reward, offset bias, and incorporate more information into your decision making. The newfound confidence will be written all over your face.

Dark data and the power of AI

More than 80 percent of the world’s digital information does not fit neatly into databases and spreadsheets: text, audio and video. This “dark data” cannot be analyzed by traditional software. IBM Watson on the IBM Cloud was built for this challenge. Its enterprise-grade AI has already analyzed more than 5 billion words for ESPN fantasy football owners, extracting meaning and insight for more informed decision-making.

How Watson learned fantasy football

The ESPN Fantasy Insights with Watson capability draws upon the latest in machine learning techniques and deep neural networks. An expert team of data scientists and developers collaborated to train the system and deliver the insights in a way any fantasy owner can understand.

Changing the game, changing the world

The same technology behind IBM’s fantasy football solution powers insights for more than 16,000 clients in 80 countries across 20 industries. From the IBM Cloud to Watson Discovery, IBM is making the world work better.  

IBM Cloud

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IBM Watson

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