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IBM WebSphere ILOG business rules management systems for freight

The challenge

Control your process and polices—without compromising visibility

In today's world, change is required in almost every aspect of the freight business. IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® business rules management systems (BRMS) for freight can help you manage change in the most effective manner, enabling your company to become more agile and respond to change faster—without compromising visibility and control of your pricing, tracking and accounting processes.


The solution

A faster business rule engine

WebSphere ILOG BRMS provides an instrumented central rule repository that effectively enforces monitoring, triggering notifications when exceptions occur. Global companies can generate reports and maintain a comprehensive audit trail of historical, active and shared rules to improve internal control measures and overall process transparency.

Staying interconnected with customers can mean greater retention and acquisition. With WebSphere ILOG BRMS, quotes can be obtained on the web and through remote transportation network locations, such as agencies and ports. This provides access to customers' contract terms and pricing rules, with local and centralized execution, and with central control.

WebSphere ILOG BRMS captures the logic behind processes in accurate and readily understood intelligent business rules that are used to automate decisions. These rules are stored externally from applications, making them easier to maintain and share throughout enterprise systems. This approach helps policies to be managed through BRMS-based decision services as part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Specifically created to handle large volumes of data, WebSphere ILOG BRMS lets users create rule services that can drive transactional decision making in any process.


The benefits

Improve decision accuracy. Provide better visibility.

WebSphere ILOG BRMS for freight lets you make flexible, responsive and transparent changes a core competency of your business. The solution can help you:

  • Speed time to market—changes can be implemented in days instead of months.
  • Lower your cost of maintenance through reduced development to deployment cycles.
  • Gain better visibility and control—WebSphere ILOG BRMS is written in your business language, and monitored and audited by business users.
  • Use simulation and “what if” analysis tools to implement the best rules for the best changes, and ultimately, the best outcome.
  • Improve customer retention and acquisition through greater operational efficiency.
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations and drive lower maintenance costs.


The specifics

Tools for rule application development

IBM WebSphere ILOG BRMS for freight provides rule application development tools within the leading integrated development environment. Solution components can include:

  • WebSphere ILOG JRules—build and deploy rule-based applications that automate fine-grained, variable decisions used by business systems, while reducing the time, effort and cost of application development and ongoing maintenance.
  • WebSphere ILOG Rules for .Net—build and deploy rule-based applications for .NET and SOA-based environments.
  • WebSphere ILOG Rules for COBOL—allows WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS rulesets to be generated in COBOL copybook code for use inside COBOL applications.
  • WebSphere ILOG Rule Studio Scorecard Modeler—allows graphical scorecards to be implemented as part of the WebSphere ILOG JRules decisioning capabilities.



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