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IBM Passenger Service System Integration Platform

The challenge

Declining customer satisfaction due to outdated, inflexible passenger service systems

Faced with declining customer satisfaction and economic pressures, travel and transportation organizations are looking for ways to modernize their passenger service systems. Yet many reservations systems are connected to dozens of third-party applications and industry services, and solution integration can be a challenging undertaking. You need a well-designed approach that enables you to integrate the numerous business systems that share data and processes with core reservation programs into a flexible platform.


The solution

Respond more quickly to customer needs through a flexible, integrated platform

IBM’s passenger service system integration platform offers a structured, managed interface layer that abstracts the reservations system interfaces into a flexible, message-oriented environment that can help you respond more quickly to customer needs.

Key components include:


The benefits

Improving customer satisfaction

Our passenger service system integration platform can enable easier access and a single view of critical data to help you improve customer service. It also:


The specifics

Facilitate increased flexibility and responsiveness

IBM provides the passenger service system integration platform offering, a modern, structured environment built on SOA messaging standards that enables integration of the reservation system to commercial and operational systems through standardized service calls. We have extensive experience implementing reservation systems for airlines, rail and hotel companies around the world. We bring time-tested methodologies and large-scale project management experience to handle complex conversion projects with the flexibility to adapt to specific scenarios and customer needs throughout the project life cycle.

Our offering features:



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