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IBM Maximo® for Transportation

The challenge

Get the most from your asset data

Your transportation assets—including fleets of road and rail vehicles, aircraft and vessels—represent some of your largest investments. And you need them to be fully operational and available on demand. Our solution helps to get the data collected by automatic vehicle location (AVL), telematics or an automated fuel management system into your maintenance department directly—without the need to access another system. The data is presented and managed as an integral part of your maintenance data.


The solution

Superior technology, superior results

With IBM® Maximo® for Transportation your system can become more instrumented, as data is collected by an AVL, geo-tracking, operations and logistics, or fuel-management system.

IBM Maximo for Transportation then imports the aggregated data into an XML file format within the database, where it can be used by project managers and for monitoring warranty, life cycle analysis, fuel consumption and more.

Data analytics provide a layer of intelligence that can automatically trigger alerts to help fleet managers and maintenance operators respond to the constantly changing conditions of their assets. For example, high-priority problem codes kick off repair work orders.


The benefits

Make your assets work for you

IBM Maximo for Transportation is the global market share leader in enterprise asset management (EAM) software. The solution enables you to:

  • Manage all of your transportation assets with a single EAM platform.
  • Integrate into Maximo your "smart" assets with condition monitoring systems.
  • Improve the reliability and life of your transportation assets.
  • Improve the efficiency and fuel economy of your transportation assets.
  • Enable better decision making by fleet managers and maintenance supervisors.


The specifics

Built to integrate with your apps

IBM Maximo for Transportation provides a set of best practices and analytical tools. Built entirely on a Java™ component-based Internet architecture, the solution provides an open standards-based service oriented architecture (SOA) that allows integration with your enterprise applications.



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