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Qantas Airways

Self-service kiosks and friendly agents revolutionize airport check-in process

How they did it

Happy service agents, happy customers. What truly set the plan apart was that it completely reimagined – and in many ways expanded – the role of live Qantas agents in the customer’s check-in experience. “This meant our agents could do more of what they love the most about their jobs, which is engaging with our customers and offering the sort of service we’re famous for,” says Lee.

Qantas Airways: Self-service kiosks keep both customers and employees happy with faster check-in times and improved travel experience

Getting smarter

Self-service kiosks, RFID card readers and bag-ticket printers allow Qantas passengers to perform all aspects of the check-in process in a matter of seconds.

  • Instrumented: Kiosks and card readers in the terminal area detect the arrival of passengers through either a mobile device or RFID-embedded frequent flyer card.

  • Interconnected: The check-in solution is integrated in near real time with the airline’s reservation, inventory and departure system.

  • Intelligent: Analysis of passenger behavior has enabled Qantas to optimize the allocation of agent resources, as well as the configuration of kiosk and other devices throughout the terminal.

Smarter outcomes

A Smarter Planet solution is measured by its results. Here are the outcomes of Qantas Airways’ Next Generation Check-In System solution:  90% reduction in check-in time   One-minute check-in process  All-time high in satisfaction ratings  Increased customer loyalty and retention


More of Smarter Travel

Air Canada’s self-service kiosks and mobile services enable the airline to process check-ins 80% more cost effectively than those done at the customer service counter.

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Qantas Airways’ Next Generation Check-In System revolutionized the check-in process and redefined the roles of customer service agents.