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Smarter Water Management

Whether too much or not enough, the world needs a smarter way to think about water

Water in wine country

The Sonoma County Water Agency supplies water to more than 600,000 people. IBM is helping tackle the water crisis head on in the heart of Northern California's wine country.

A Splash in Ireland

Thanks to a partnership between EPA Ireland and IBM, bathers can get up-to-date water quality information on a new portal site during the bathing season (June through August).

Rivers as a natural laboratory

The Beacon Institute uses a source-to-sea real-time monitoring network for New York’s Hudson and St. Lawrence Rivers to report on conditions and threats in real time.

Cures from the deep

Scientists at IBM and the University of Aberdeen can "see" the structure of a marine compound from 35,814 feet below sea level, using an atomic force microscope.

Galway's SmartBay

This pilot information system will monitor wave conditions, marine life and pollution levels in and around Galway Bay for smarter environmental management and development.