Developing Industry Specific Solutions

PAIRS (Physical Analytics Integrated Data Repository and Services) technology enables clients to have a holistic view of heterogeneous geospatial datasets and to obtain valuable insights into them via composable analytics-embedded queries. IBM PAIRS Services offering is a managed scalable API service providing big geospatial data and analytics capabilities. It includes advanced analytics such as significantly improved long term weather and irrigation forecasts for precision farming applications. Application developers can use the API service to easily create industry specific applications with one stop access to PAIRS data and analytics.

Obtain valuable contextual insights

Drive better business outcomes via contextual geospatiotemporal data and/or analytics (e.g., integrate weather data and forecast into soil usage optimization models).

Gain contextual insights faster

Provide geospatiotemporal query results at several orders of magnitudes faster than traditional data services.

Integrate heterogeneous geospatial data

Source, curate, and index heterogeneous sets of geospatiotemporal data and physical analytics results with support for on-demand composition of cross-domain queries to them.

Reduce operational costs

Under the self-service model, manage user and application access rights to IBM-managed scalable API services for geospatiotemporal big data acquisition, curation, indexing, query, and analytics.

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