Your partner for all Zebra solutions: from device purchase to support and life cycle management

If you need hardware, tech support or both, IBM is your trusted partner. Trained specialists will work with you to select and customize hardware that fits your needs and also design the life cycle-based support solution to simplify your ongoing hardware support requirements.

In a complex multivendor environment, finding a simplified end-to-end solution to support high availability at reduced costs can be a tall order. IBM supports complex solutions for multivendor environments which contain Zebra hardware, and also provides life cycle maintenance services.

IBM offers a virtually unparalleled global “one-stop-shop” array of flexible support-level and service options that can be customized to meet your specific needs, whether you need basic managed maintenance support services or more complex multivendor support across multiple manufacturers, including Zebra hardware—and beyond—for cross-enterprise support. 

What we offer

Wall-to-wall services for retail equipment

Device solutions for front of store, back of store and warehouse

Services for ruggedized Zebra devices

Device solutions for healthcare: patient identification, specimen collection, laboratory management, pharmacy tracking, and staff productivity, management and communications

Comprehensive device support for manufacturing

Device solutions for inventory and materials management, warehouse management, device management, quality management and traceability

Services for Zebra printers, scanners and mobile devices

Device solutions for transportation and logistics: supply chains, trucks, trains and ships

Benefits of IBM Services and Tech Support for Zebra Products

Reduce complexity

Eliminate the IT "blame game" with a single point of accountability for your IT solutions and ongoing maintenance.

Improve sales and satisfaction

Your customers expect highly available equipment. IBM has wall-to-wall technology support so your employees can focus on making sales instead of seeking a technical support fix.

Save time and money

Receive end-to-end technical support with one vendor who can optimize the availability, the life span and maintenance costs of your existing equipment.

Extend new value to your business

Extend new value to your business

IBM is revolutionizing IT support for the future, with innovative, advanced technologies to help simplify your IT support management, for example, Augmented Reality Assist Tool, Virtual Assistant for Technical Support, Predictive Maintenance, and the Client Insights Portal.

Golden State Foods Reimagines the Beef Supply Chain

For a leading food services distribution company, IBM and Zebra partnered to transform their perishable goods supply chain using IoT. Our client wanted to optimize their supply chain to improve product traceability in store and across the supply chain. Our client's end customers are quick service restaurants spending 48 labor hours per month (over $100M per year) managing their in-store inventory. IBM implemented a Blockchain and RFID-based solution for tracking the meat pallets and provided condition monitoring using temperature sensors across the entire product supply chain (from farm to folk).

Free consultation with an IBM expert

Kendra C. Gullette

Offering Development Leader, Multivendor Services

Schedule a time with Kendra to discuss:

  • Service offering details
  • Developing customized solutions
  • Industry support solutions

Jennifer Arndt

Executive, Multivendor Services Retail

Schedule a time with Jennifer to discuss:

  • Optimizing existing in-store equipment
  • Single point of contact for multi-vendor sourced systems