Reimagine store technology support with a holistic, wall-to-wall strategy

Retail store systems are typically a mix of old and new technologies, which need to be properly maintained, highly available and always connected. But this mix of technologies often requires multiple vendors for support, which can raise costs, slow problem resolution and become a long-term liability. In retail, an IT problem translates into service interruptions and can diminish customer experience and employee satisfaction and negatively impact inventory management, cash flow and overall business efficiency.

Unlike a traditional, vendor-by-vendor approach, IBM offers a flexible, highly customizable and proactive approach to technology support and maintenance in your store environment. You can benefit from a comprehensive solution for all-sized stores, designed to maintain all device types, software and networks in the store, while reducing operational cost and helping to ensure a consistent customer experience.


Boost sales and satisfaction

Boost sales and satisfaction

Give your customers the high availability they expect. With wall-to-wall technology support from IBM, your employees can focus on making sales instead of seeking a technical support fix

Save time and money

Save time and money

Experience end-to-end technical support with the one vendor that can optimize the availability, the lifespan and maintenance costs of your existing in-store equipment

Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity

Eliminate the IT blame game with a single point of accountability for your store's IT maintenance


Intelligent support solutions

Retailers are challenged to rethink future shopping experiences for their customers, and both existing and new technologies need a trusted, reliable support strategy as the store evolves.

Transformative IT support

IBM provides an innovative, customer-centric maintenance and support solution that helps amplify customer experience, improve equipment reliability, control and reduce capital expenditures, simplify technical support and extend hardware life.


Augmented Reality

Harness the power of augmented reality in your retail support. Support engineers can connect live to the retail command center when complex problems arise for live and interactive support, which helps shorten repair times and improve accuracy and availability. 

Predictive Maintenance

When hardware maintenance issues take your store by surprise, it can cause availability issues and frustrate customers and employees. Predictive maintenance can help you save time and availability and support costs by anticipating equipment problems before they happen.

Client Insights Portal

Take your reports to the next level with a cognitive suite of centralized intelligence and analytics that enables retail leadership to improve the availability and efficiency of their retail technology and maintenance support. 

Retail Technology Support Services in action

Restaurants worldwide improve IT availability, reduce complexity and gain control over costs

To keep costs down, quick-service restaurant franchise owners must optimize their equipment lifecycle without sacrificing availability. IBM Retail Technology Support Services provides these restaurants with a single point of contact for virtually all their IT service and repair needs, regardless of the hardware or software manufacturer or equipment lifecycle.

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