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One call for data center maintenance and support

What are IBM data center maintenance and support services (multi-vendor support)?

IBM offers flexible data center maintenance and support services for both IBM and other OEM hardware and software that is designed to prevent issues before they occur and deliver timely problem resolution through a single, expert partner.

How can IBM data center maintenance and support help my business?

IBM data center maintenance and support services provide end-to-end integrated data center maintenance and IT support. Your business gets a single, cost-effective source for keeping your entire IT environment optimized. Problems are quickly resolved, and vendors are streamlined, saving time and reducing cost.

What are some other benefits that IBM data center maintenance and support can help you attain?

IBM is the support organization that other vendors are measured against. IBM data center maintenance and support services use platforms and tools integrated with IBM Watson that get you answers faster. IBM data center maintenance contracts include 24x7 access to IBM experts, and includes chats, search, forums and other self-service options to meet you where you are.

9 out of 10 clients are likely to recommend IBM for data center maintenance and support

Powered by AI

Our support platform and tools are infused with IBM Watson, helping you get answers faster.

Day 1 savings to reinvest in your business

Streamlining vendors can save you as much as 25% on enterprise data center support.

Industry-leading client care

Our maintenance contracts include 24x7 access to IBM experts, and include many self-service options, such as chat, search and forums, to meet you where you are.

Featured data center maintenance and support services

IT maintenance for your open, hybrid IT environment

IBM offers integrated hardware and software maintenance to support you wherever you are in your journey to cloud. Unlike third-party maintenance providers who typically cover a niche of your IT environment, our comprehensive data center support services cover products from IBM and other OEMs, including servers, storage, network, appliances and software—helping you to ensure high availability across your data center and hybrid cloud environment. We help businesses like yours unlock actionable insights and quickly resolve issues. Our innovative solution includes advanced analytics to uncover valuable performance insights, artificial intelligence solutions to solve problems faster and automation to help manage basic, repetitive tasks.

Software support solutions

Imagine the time saved by having a single partner to get expert software support across your diverse software ecosystem. With IBM's flexible software support solutions, you can avoid vendor lock-in from major proprietary software support vendors and speed your journey to open source. Talk with us about how you can save up to 50% on your current software support contracts.

Speaking of open source, IBM provides enterprise-class support for commercial open source including Red Hat and SUSE products, plus more than 240 community versions of open source software running in the cloud or on x86, IBM Power and IBM Z. Replace time-consuming DIY support models at a fraction of the cost.

Networking and security capabilities

IBM offers you a one-stop shop experience for your entire network using tried and true, tested and trusted maintenance services in partnership with original equipment manufacturers. Our model enables you to access key OEM updates, patches and equipment from a single point. Our advanced analytics and global expert centers provide 24x7 maintenance solutions and data insights on your networking and security environment. Get superior IBM networking support in partnership with OEMs such as Cisco (7.8 MB), Check Point (197 KB), F5 (184 KB), Fortinet (127 KB), Juniper (3 MB), NetApp, Palo Alto (160 KB) and Riverbed. 

Additional support services to help you improve your client experience

IBM Support as a Service

IBM provides warranty and maintenance technology support services on behalf of manufacturers, enabling clients to focus on their core business. IBM performs remote support, field services, and/or logistics services on behalf of the OEM. 

IBM Hardware and Software Support

Hardware and software support services from IBM can help you prevent and resolve issues quickly. Our integrated, around-the-clock hardware and software services are backed by IBM’s product expertise, global support infrastructure, thousands of highly-trained employees worldwide and Watson cognitive computing capabilities. 

IBM Managed Maintenance Solutions for Cisco Products

A comprehensive approach combines the complementary strengths of IBM and Cisco to enhance the health and security of your network, improving reliability and performance, and identifying potential problems before they occur.

CK Enerji

Power shift — generating greater efficiencies in IT management

As a key part of its modernization effort, CK Enerji used the IBM® Multi-Vendor IT Support Services platform and the IBM Maximo® solution to centralize IT support and automate enterprise-wide management of all its IT assets. Implementing these IBM solutions reduced staffing costs, improved IT support services and gave management total visibility of its IT infrastructure.

Deeper insights

Webcast: Forrester Total Economic Impact of Hybrid IT Support

As your enterprise adopts new technologies, the IT support model and the complexity of managing so many vendors grows exponentially.  Watch the webcast to learn the benefits of streamlining your IT support with IBM.

The Business Value of IBM Open Source Support

Did you know our clients can lower their three-year cost of operations by 30%? Read the IDC report to understand and quantify the benefits clients receive from our Community Open Source Support offering.

Unlock open source technology’s full value

Open source use has skyrocketed among enterprise software developers. According to a commisioned research study recently conducted by Forrester Consulting, the results were clear: enterprises need help unlocking the full potential of large-scale open source software adoption.

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