IBM Support Insights portal offers actionable indicators for preventive maintenance and asset management for IBM and other OEM systems


IT leaders must manage many OEMs and vendors supporting their IT products to ensure they can meet the needs of their customers. This complexity, mixed with the impact of security threats, skills gaps, and budget challenges creates additional complexity and costs, particularly when it comes to fast problem resolution. IBM’s multi-cloud, one-stop IT support can help businesses accelerate cloud adoption by transforming IT maintenance with advanced analytics, AI-powered insights and automation.

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Transform IT maintenance and support

Revolutionizing IT maintenance with innovations in analytics, AI and automation to streamline operations, reduce complexity and inefficiency to help you move your business forward.

Remote support with augmented reality

Simple intuitive dedicated multi expert collaboration tool that connects field technicians with the support expertise in real-time to perform complex diagnostics.

Accelerate cloud and generate savings

Keep IT systems running smoothly across your hybrid cloud environment with our customized approach.

One-stop IT support to keep your workloads running everywhere

Tech modernization is an essential priority for businesses to move faster but transforming your IT environment is challenging. With support maintenance contracts for over 30,000 hardware products and software from most major IT vendors and manufacturers, IBM can help you improve availability, increase business flexibility, solve problems faster to meet your IT goals.

Customizable software support

IBM provides enterprise-class support for commercial open source including Red Hat and SUSE products, plus more than 250 community versions (PDF, 93 KB) of open source software running in the cloud or on x86, IBM Power and IBM Z. With IBM's flexible software support solutions, you can also avoid vendor lock-in from major proprietary software support vendors and increase developer productivity with open source. Our innovative solution includes proactive support, uncovering actionable system performance insights to help solve problems faster and automation to manage basic, repetitive support tasks.


Collaborative support for Servers, Storage, Networking and Security

IBM offers you a trusted IT maintenance services experience in partnership with original equipment manufacturers. Our model enables you to access key OEM updates, patches and equipment from a single point. Our advanced analytics and global expert centers provide 24x7 maintenance solutions and data insights on your networking and security environment. Get expert support from IBM in partnership with OEMs including Lenovo, Pure, Cisco (PDF, 7.8 MB), Check Point (PDF, 197 KB), F5 (PDF, 184 KB), Fortinet, Juniper (PDF, 3 MB), Palo Alto (PDF, 160 KB) and Riverbed.

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