Predicting, inspiring and personalizing organizational change management can separate business leaders from those left behind. Employee centric workflows are a critical competitive advantage. To help your employees embrace change, IBM helps design more intuitive systems of engagement that engender buy-in and enthusiasm for a new vision. We call our approach Digital Change.


Performance Hub

Tap into the passion of your workforce with innovative change intervention delivery that balances local organizational change management experts with global creative agency services.

Envision Studios

Employ IBM Design Thinking to align your organization’s leaders to a common digital transformation vision, strategy and goals.

Co-Creation Studios

Collaborate to accelerate organizational change intervention delivery by understanding your employees’ experience and aligning on a shared vision of success.

Dynamic Operating Model

Flex to market demands and put your customer experience at the heart of the operating model.

NextGen Leadership

Shift leaders’ mindsets to create an organizational change management environment where all embrace and demonstrate the transformational behaviors is necessary for success.

Engage and Inspire

Personalize the Digital Change experience for your workforce and boost team performance; deliver the best transformation experiences by inspiring employees through experience mapping, games and viral communication campaigns.

Culture Accelerated

Inspire continuous innovation to fail fast and learn faster along your Digital Change journey while advancing speed, execution and customer centricity. Then flex to market demands and put customer experience at the heart of your operating model.

Technology Assets


Promote two-way transparency for your Digital Change initiatives by building a community of leaders powered by a gamified social learning platform.

Change Insights Dashboard

Get predictive insight into the impact of organizational change interventions on employee experience, leadership behavior, learning proficiency, operations and business outcomes.

Capability Assessment

Transformations don’t happen just once anymore. As organizations continuously adapt to meet changing ­­­customer demands and disruptive competitors, the capacity to constantly evolve is critically important. Our Digital Change Capability Assessment (DCCA) helps assess organizations’ ability to transform.

Meet our Organizational Change Management expert

"In today’s world, transformation requires a new Digital Change approach — one that taps into AI, experience-led design, deep analytics, behavioural science, and utilizes digital solutions to engage and inspire employees."

Elizabeth Whiteford

Partner, Talent & Transformation at IBM Global Business Services

Elizabeth Whiteford

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