IBM Risk and Fraud services helps identify perpetrators committing fraudulent and abusive acts against financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare payers or internally within your own company. IBM consultants provide insight into these types of behaviors using advanced analytics strengthened by IBM Watson® technologies.

Chief financial officers (CFOs) understand the value of identifying fraud, waste, abuse and errors across the enterprise. Efficient and effective compliance requires a holistic approach that integrates subject matter expertise and advanced analytical capabilities to detect these behaviors. Trends in globalization, new regulations, shorter response times and new business complexity can place an additional burden on organizations.

  • Reduce false positive alerts significantly.
  • Improve your ability to detect and interdict fraud in real-time.
  • Lower operating costs related to risk and fraud management.

The benefits

Help fraud investigators better identify risks in financial transactions.

Improve performance while working to meet know-your-customer (KYC) rules.

Use technology on more data sets to help reduce the cost of operations.

Risk and fraud services

Fraud and Financial Crimes Services

Receive an initial diagnostic assessment and a practical roadmap for impactful implementation of data management, payments analytics tools, and processes.

Enterprise Risk Management Services

Develop an enterprise-wide risk management strategy to model the potential economic and social impact of operational risk events.

Governance, Risk and Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Use the power of data and technology to manage risk exposure, reduce unexpected losses and ensure compliance with a view that cuts across the enterprise.

Analytics and Reporting for Risk and Fraud

Data-driven solutions help you improve efficiency and more effectively manage fraud, waste, abuse and corporate compliance errors across your organization.

Case study

IBM helps North Carolina fight medical fraud

North Carolina leverages IBM analytics to spot suspicious activity and fraud among Medicaid patients and providers in the state.

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Banking and Finance Risk Management

Harness the AI capabilities of Watson and the regulatory expertise of Promontory to transform your risk and compliance management.

Insurance Risk and Financial Management

IBM Insurance guides insurers through digital transformation with blockchain, RPA, AI and platform solutions to help drive profit.

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