What is the IBM Garage?

In the Garage, you work side by side with IBM experts to create first-of-a-kind MVPs, experiment with emerging technologies and quickly learn from failures. We work hand in hand to help you learn, acquire new skills and adapt to a new way of working to fuel real talent transformation. Using the Garage, we are co-innovating, co-creating and co-developing processes, organization and technology.

The IBM Garage Method

Clients sit side by side with IBM industry experts, designers and developers to incorporate user feedback in real time to build solutions in days—and scale them in weeks.

The IBM Garage Method

IBM Garage Method: Think phase

In the Think phase, teams work to define a business opportunity and drive new insights into an idea.


  • Problem definition
  • Insights rooted in deep understanding of user needs
  • Validated business initiative to release to Transform phase
IBM Garage Method: Think phase

IBM Garage Method: Transform phase

Teams build out MVPs to support a business opportunity or optimize an MVP in market.


  • An MVP designed for production release readiness and launch to market
  • An MVP with proven market fit to release to Thrive phase
IBM Garage Method: Transform phase

IBM Garage Method: Thrive phase

Optimize design, test and continuously deploy for market growth and scale support.


  • Resilient and scalable applications
  • Solution integrated into business infrastructure
  • Scaled adoption of new practices
  • Performance insights
IBM Garage Method: Thrive phase

Experience the Garage

The IBM Garage is where the magic happens. Visit our microsite to see an interactive map of Garage locations and explore Garage stories in a 360-degree experience. 

Case studies


IBM and Volkswagen co-created a mobility services app to reinvent the driving experience.

American Airlines

IBM and American Airlines are providing better customer service by empowering their passengers.

Kraft Heinz Company

IBM and Kraft are launching a state-of-the-art algorithm to deliver products to consumers more efficiently.


IBM and McLane are transforming a trucking company into an ad firm.

Innovate in the cloud

Using the prescriptive IBM Garage Method, the IBM Cloud Garage partners with clients to unlock insights and business outcomes at unprecedented speed. The IBM Cloud Garage is your catalyst for product development on IBM Cloud.

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