What is the IBM Garage?

In the Garage, you work side-by-side with IBM experts to create first-of-a-kind MVPs, experiment with emerging technologies and quickly learn from failures.

We work hand in hand to help you learn, acquire new skills and adapt to a new way of working, fueling real talent transformation. Using the Garage, we are co-innovating, co-creating, and co-developing processes, organization and technology.

Think. Transform. Thrive.

Start with ideas and move toward working concepts in days, incorporating feedback in real time. Collaborate with experts and emerging tech to build MVPs. Rapidly scale solutions while establishing methods and new ways of working that can last a lifetime.

Around the world

Get out of your comfort zone. With locations in the US, UK, Spain, Germany and more, you'll find IBM Garages embedded in tech incubators in some of the world’s largest startup communities.

In the IBM Garage,  you have the opportunity to revolutionize your everyday work environment to help you reimagine collaboration in the company of other innovators.

Experience the transformation

The IBM Garage is where the magic happens. Visit our microsite to see an interactive map of garage locations and explore garage stories in a 360-degree experience.

Case studies


McLane had hit a wall in finding continued revenue growth. The solution was to put advertising on the company’s trucks. The result was a new revenue stream that nearly doubled the bottom line.


VW turned to the IBM Garage to leverage data from cars and improve its customer experiences. New on-demand services were only the beginning. Now, they are working in a new collaborative innovation hub at the company's headquarters to go even further.

American Airlines

Customer experience is a key competitive differentiator for major airlines companies. Learn how the IBM Garage helped American Airlines meet its customers’ appetite for instant information and services.

Government of Nova Scotia

Automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, help save the lives of cardiac arrest victims. Learn how the IBM Garage is partnering with the Nova Scotian government to keep its citizens safe.

Innovate in the cloud

Using the prescriptive IBM Garage Method, the IBM Cloud Garage partners with clients to unlock insights and business outcomes at unprecedented speed. The IBM Cloud Garage is your catalyst for product development on IBM Cloud.

Find tech and experts in the IBM Garage

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