Learn about the challenges and benefits CIOs and IT leaders are experiencing with enterprise managed services

98% of organizations plan to adopt multiple cloud architectures.

Whether you are looking to reduce operating costs, improve customer experiencecreate or support new business models, it makes sense to choose a managed services provider who has extensive experience in managing ERP applications across public, private and hybrid cloud.

Find how IBM Enterprise Application Management  can facilitate your digital transformation.

To stay competitive enterprises are looking for more than just cloud infrastructure

Multicloud Environment

Only 38% of organizations have procedures and tools to operate in a multicloud platform.

Smarter Workforce

Enable employees to work the way they want with managed mobility, virtualization, collaboration and support services.


Enterprise-class security to help you address: attacks, slow response time and loss of productivity and revenue.

Moving critical workloads to cloud can be complex and challenging

We help build, install, configure, secure, optimize and deliver valuable data insights and performance for your business-critical application workloads on the IBM Cloud or third-party clouds like Amazon AWS , Oracle OCI or Microsoft Azure.

SAP Application Management

Moving your SAP applications to a managed cloud can deliver flexibility and scalability by reducing costs, increasing agility and freeing up your staff resources.

  • Improve your agility and speed time to market.
  • Managed by a single delivery team.
  • Increase competitiveness and allowing you to better serve your lines of business.

Oracle Application Management

Move your Oracle applications to a managed cloud environment so you can reduce complexities and costs, ensure you stay on track and support faster innovation.

  • Improve security and compliance.
  • Predictably manage costs and resources for Oracle workloads.
  • Free up IT resources.


Edge Delivery Services

Improve customer experience of business web applications on all devices and protect against web attacks with specialized cloud service.

  • Fast, reliable and secure web delivery anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Balance Workload and Reduce Infrastructure Investment
  • Optimize the User Experience to Maximize Business Success
  • Strengthen Website and Application Security

Enable a smarter workforce with Digital Workplace Services

IBM Workplace Collaboration Services

IBM Workplace Collaboration Services enables your robust social business while helping reduce operating and capital costs. Advancing your social business with unified communications can improve and accelerate how work gets done.

IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson

IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson addresses the challenges in a way that actually reduces the overall number of desk support tickets, lowers costs and moves the needle on users’ satisfaction with enterprise IT.

IBM Managed Mobility Services

IBM Managed Mobility Services streamline and personalize the delivery, set-up, configuration, security, management, and support of devices in the enterprise across all device types and operating systems—whether corporate-owned or employee-owned (BYOD).

Client successes with enterprise application management


See how LiquidPower is using IBM Cloud for SAP Applications to fuel its business growth.

G2 Tecnologia

See how G2 Tecnologia is using IBM Cloud for SAP Applications to quickly roll out services and improve customer relationships.

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Compare cloud providers

Learn how to  choose a managed services provider that delivers the security, choice, management and global presence you need for your enterprise applications.

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