2020 announcement

IBM Security now offers end-to-end threat management for operational technology (OT), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT).

Improve security intelligence operations with consulting services

IBM can help your organization develop more maturity in intelligence-driven operations across all environments. Our consultants assess your security capabilities and maturity against best practices in security. If you want to create or improve your security operations center (SOC), IBM will assess, design, build and optimize for you.

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Our security consulting services help


your security intelligence and operations against best practices


a robust security operations center using security intelligence and analytics


a world-class security operations center, from plans through rollout


your security operations center with in-depth analysis and strategic recommendations

Our security intelligence solutions help

Identify events pictogram

Identify events

With security assessment, determine which events pose the most risk

Respond faster pictogram

Respond faster

With better security intelligence, streamline threat analysis and speed adoption of new use cases and rules

Lower risk pictogram

Lower risk

With guaranteed service level agreements, gain reliable protection

SOC Assessment and X-Force Red

Combining IBM SOC assessment services with X-Force® Red Adversary Simulation provides in-depth analysis and testing of your SOC. The X-Force Red team of veteran hackers simulates an advanced attack, using the same tools, techniques, practices and mindset as attackers. The objective is to measure how well your SOC security controls and processes detect and respond to an attack and help fix any gaps.


Threat management web explorer

Explore our standards-based approach to threat management.

Selecting a managed security services provider

What is your best choice for a modern MSSP? Measure your next vendor against eight important criteria.

X-Force Threat Management

Fight cybercrime with an integrated approach.

X-Force Red Adversary Simulation

Get reconnaissance, realistic attacker simulation and actionable reporting.