How much does a data breach cost?

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One of the key challenges for security teams has been describing and managing security risks in the context of the business. Qualitative security assessments can surface issues but fail to quantify either the probability of occurrence or the impact of the risk. Putting security risk in financial terms can help executives make better decisions, connecting security risk management with overall business strategy.

Security Risk Quantification Video

Security Risk Quantification Video (02:29)


Program support for quantification analysis


More than one-third of surveyed executives experienced a data breach that can be attributed to mergers and acquisitions. IBM risk management services can help you prepare.¹

Visualization of business-risk profile

USD 5.8

This potential financial loss in USD millions was calculated for a client and pointed to their current risk profile. Using financial terms and deep analysis, we can help you get executives aligned and aware of risks to your enterprise.¹

Manage remediation programs


The potential ROI for risk remediation programs is substantial. IBM risk management services can help you prioritize and integrate quantification into decision making.¹

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Better manage your risks, compliance and governance by teaming with our security consultants.

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Help build the business case for including cybersecurity upfront for cloud migrations and proactively optimize security spend.

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Get expert guidance creating workflows that provide enterprise risk management to address to help address fraud, waste, abuse and corporate compliance.

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