Looking for a partner to help you reduce risk?

In today’s environment, chief information security officers (CISOs) are responsible for ensuring compliance with ever-increasing privacy and security regulatory mandates.

IBM® QRadar® is what organizations are looking for: a trustworthy technology partner with the experience and resources to help them address security and regulatory risk, as well as report on compliance adherence. IBM provides out-of-the-box compliance packages for GDPR, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI and more.

We take pride in our privacy practices and are particularly sensitive to making sure our data breaches affect as few customers as possible. We are investing in forensic analysis and cyber analytics. While the costs are increasing today, we think it will help us reduce the cost of data breaches in the future.

Canadian transportation SVP in 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study, Ponemon Institute

Federal certifications

QRadar has obtained the following certifications, which validate our product security so that you can feel confident in your purchase.

In addition to these current certifications, the IBM QRadar development team is constantly working to stay up to date with all of the latest IT and data processing regulations.

IBM QRadar can help with EU GDPR compliance and regulations

Monitor and protect personal data

IBM QRadar Network Insights (QNI) helps:

  • Identify new data sources as they appear on your network
  • Provide continuous profiling for an up-to-date view of device activity
  • Identify sensitive data as it moves on your network so you know its origin and destination
  • Provide application context for visibility into critical data usage
  • Identify expired or invalid certificates


Understand your asset inventory and vulnerabilities

IBM QRadar enables you to:

  • Create an inventory of assets
  • Discover unknown devices
  • Uncover personally identifiable data on systems
  • Identify assets that are at risk or vulnerable to attack
  • See a prioritized view of critical unpatched vulnerabilities

Get GDPR supporting apps from IBM App Exchange

IBM QRadar GDPR Content Pack helps:

  • Maintain a record of your processing activities
  • Configure log retention times
  • Track personal data transferred between countries and regions
  • Report on system and database access
  • Monitor and report on personal data access and processing activities
  • Detect, alert and report on data exfiltration

IBM Cloud Discovery App for QRadar

This application helps:

  • Identify web applications accessed by internal users
  • Develop a risk score associated with cloud usage
  • Identify and monitor risky users
  • Gain early warning signs to thwart potential data exfiltration attempts