Insider threats are people with legitimate access to your network who use their access in a way that causes harm to the organization. Insider threats can be difficult to detect — most cases go unnoticed for months or years. Whether the insider is a malicious employee or a contractor with compromised credentials, security teams need to quickly and accurately detect, investigate and respond to these potentially damaging attacks.


Consolidate and analyze user behavior

Detect malicious insiders and credential compromise with real-time analytics

Discover and understand privileged access

Identify and secure all service, application, administrator, and root accounts across your enterprise

Proactively assess insider threat processes

Discover how employees respond to an attack, and if they follow  established reporting policies

Insider threat prevention solutions

User behavior analytics

Gain visibility into behavioral anomalies that may signal an active insider threat.

On-premises or in the cloud privileged access management

Discover and control all types of privileged accounts across your enterprise.

Offensive security solutions

Put your people and processes to the test with adversary simulation, control tuning and social engineering services.

Ransomware protection

Protect your organization’s data from ransomware threats, the nefarious malware that can hold it hostage.

Insider threat protection services

A comprehensive, fully managed privileged access management (PAM) services to secure the privileged user lifecycle.

Insider threat resources

IBM Security X-Force Insider Threat Report

Learn the role access level plays in insider attacks and best practices for mitigating insider threats.

Privileged Access Management demo

Find out more about privileged access management, application control and endpoint privilege security with this interactive demo.

Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

X-Force Red’s social engineering services are part of the team’s penetration testing portfolio.

What are insider threats?

Users who have authorized and legitimate access to your assets and abuse it — deliberately or accidentally — constitute insider threats.