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As enterprise digital transformation and cloud migration continues, so does your need for expanded data security and protection. You’re faced with a wide spectrum of use cases: to monitor data activity in near real time; to stop data threats in a hybrid multicloud environment; to combat tool and data sprawl through open integration and to help to achieve compliance.

Both IBM Security™ Guardium® and jSonar (recently acquired by Imperva) offer solutions to meet these data security needs. Review the capabilities of these solutions in the following chart.

Key capabilities for data security solutions: Guardium jSonar
Connected platform built on Red Hat® OpenShift®, Kubernetes containers, and allowing for flexible deployment
Rapid deployment of agentless data collection, gathering data security information from APIs and native audit logs for passive data security and audit support
Protection, alerting, and identification of suspicious activity all in near real-time; remediation capabilities such as quarantining user UIs and blocking
The ability to monitor a mainframe database environment
Out-of-the-box templates and customizable reporting to support regulatory compliance auditing and reporting, and continuous improvement of security posture
Automatic normalization of data from a variety of sources, so data is automatically reporting- and analytics-ready
Ad-hoc investigation and data exploration to hunt for potential threats
Risk-based scoring of anomalous activity
Interactive API documentation to help users quickly visualize and understand REST API integration
Compliance policies and audit workflows to help create records to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements

A modern, end-to-end data security portfolio

IBM offers a complete vision of data security capabilities, from data discovery to protection, analysis and response. This holistic approach helps you to achieve smarter data security and supports your modernization and digital transformation initiatives.


Robust, connected data security with IBM

IBM Security Guardium can help you stay a step ahead in an expanding threat landscape.

ROI benefits

Forrester examines the total economic impact of IBM Security Guardium, which delivered 401% ROI — or USD 4 million — for one client.*

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* “The Total Economic Impact of IBM Security Guardium.” Study conducted by Forrester Research, sponsored by IBM Security.