How can you better identify and disrupt cyber threats against your organization?

Rapidly uncover time-sensitive insights about cyber threat actors and their motivations so you can disrupt current threats and enhance security measures against future ones.


Find and hidden threats faster

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Detect, investigate and remediate threat more quickly by uncovering hidden patterns and connections.

Generate comprehensive intelligence

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Help your analysts hunt for cyber threats in near-real time by turning disparate data sets into action.

Reduce operations costs

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Benefit from a cost-effective solution that reduces training, maintenance and deployment costs.

i2 products

i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

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IBM Security™ i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis

Turn disparate data into comprehensive and actionable intelligence to support timely decision making with robust and comprehensive enterprise solution capabilities.

i2 Analyst’s Notebook

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IBM Security i2® Analyst’s Notebook

Arm analysts with multidimensional visual analysis capabilities so they can quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data.

i2 iBase

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IBM Security i2® iBase

Enable collaborative teams of analysts to capture, control and analyze multi-source data in security-rich workgroup environments using this intuitive intelligence data management application.

i2 Connect

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IBM Security i2® Connect

Seamlessly connect to internal and external data sources and investigate threat landscapes with powerful, multi-dimensional visual analysis.

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