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Modernize storage you already own with proven storage virtualization

You need to deploy new technologies like Flash, storage-class memory (SCM), NVMe, containers, and hybrid multicloud, and you need to do it while improving your data security and efficiency. Plus, you’re working with a limited budget, so you can’t just rip and replace. IBM Spectrum Virtualize—the software at the heart of IBM FlashSystem—is your answer.


Embrace existing storage so that it is pooled with new storage capacity, making administration simpler and improving efficiency.


Enhance existing storage with IBM Spectrum Virtualize enterprise-class data services. Use Easy Tier to move active data to flash, improving performance.


Extend existing storage into new deployments such as containers or hybrid cloud. Add value to your storage, extending its life and avoiding new investment.

The ABCs of Storage Virtualization


Move data without disruption among virtual storage systems:

  • Use different storage systems for different tiers of storage.
  • Manage all your storage in a consistent way with common tools.


Bridge to new storage technologies or application areas such as containers:

  • Ease adoption of new technology so you benefit quickly.
  • Add new storage systems and migrate data without disruption, plus support containers and Red Hat OpenShift with the storage you already have.


Add hybrid cloud capability to your storage:

  • Deploy a unified cloud capability across all storage types and different clouds.
  • Enjoy hybrid multicloud that is simple, consistent, and comprehensive.

Data Reduction:

Store more data on the storage you already own:

  • Support growing volumes of data .
  • Avoid or delay new purchases, reducing capex needs.


Improve cyber resiliency by encrypting data at rest:

  • Apply consistent encryption and key management across storage systems.
  • Make cyber resiliency simple and dependable.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize is the key to modernizing and revitalizing your virtual storage


Using virtual storage technology, you can unify 500+ different storage systems from IBM and others under a single interface that simplifies and standardizes your environment.

Guaranteed availability

Systems that deliver “six nines” availability support your business. For your most critical needs, choose the IBM 100% data availability guarantee.


With the power of storage virtualization, deploy encryption across all your storage—existing and new—to help improve cyber resiliency while controlling costs and simplifying management.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud—simplify your journey to hybrid multicloud

Add hybrid cloud capability to on-premises storage. Mirror between on-premises and cloud data centers to rapidly implement disaster recovery, enjoy consistent data management, easily replicate data for DevOps, and enhance cyber resiliency using “air-gap” S3 snapshots.   Available for IBM cloud and AWS.

IBM FlashSystem with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software built in—a faster journey to hybrid multicloud

Consolidate workloads and unify mixed environments using IBM FlashSystem with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software.

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