Move big data hundreds of times faster

Meet the demands of complex global teams by providing the ability to quickly and securely exchange or share huge files and folders with each other, including customers and collaborators. IBM Aspera® solutions feature the patented IBM FASP® transfer protocol — which consistently ranks near the top in every WAN transfer throughput benchmark — to help you fully use your available bandwidth to maximize transfer speeds.

With the latest Aspera SaaS and other file-sending and file-sharing solutions, users can easily exchange big files and directories at high speed through a user-friendly interface. Advanced security, encryption and user access controls help ensure that your critical data is fully protected.

Reliably exchange big files to meet business demands

With IBM Aspera solutions, you can empower your teams, customers and partners to send and share big data, regardless of file type or size, where it is stored or how far it must move over the WAN.

Fast and reliable

Moves large digital data quickly across global WANs and supports direct-to-cloud transfers that make Aspera the gold standard for speed

Easy to use

Offers an intuitive user interface through web, desktop, mobile and email to make finding and sending files or folders simple and reliable


Uses open standards cryptography for user authentication, data encryption and data integrity verification

Many industries benefit from fast sending and sharing solutions

Life sciences and healthcare

Life sciences and healthcare

  • Improve research collaboration with superfast large file and data sharing across continents.
  • Move big data reliably to reduce waiting time for research and accelerate R&D cycles and time to market.
  • Easily and quickly move large sets of scientific data from labs to remote high-performance computing (HPC) resources and cloud bioinformatics platforms.
  • Transfer data with HIPAA-compliant, security-rich encryption and authentication to help prevent unauthorized access and regulatory penalties.
Banking and insurance

Banking and insurance

  • Reduce turnarounds on big data analytics by quickly gathering large sets of data on HPC servers.
  • Distribute analytics findings to field traders, underwriters and decision makers at maximum speed.
  • Help ensure data sharing across the firm is compliant and secure with enterprise-grade encryption and user controls.
  • Digitize bank activities and improve self-service with fast and secure file sharing.
Retail and consumer goods

Retail and consumer goods

  • Send large media files and assets to global stores faster which can help reduce cost.
  • Quickly and reliably aggregate huge volumes of customer, vendor and retail data across global stores, data centers or the cloud, accelerating analytics and decision-making.
  • Improve global collaboration with fast file sharing so marketing teams can launch ad campaigns in less time, and buyers and designers can bring new products to market faster.

Aspera enables global manufacturing firm to send large design files quickly

Jabil replaces slow managed file transfer (MFT) product with Aspera to bring innovative products to market more quickly.

We knew we needed a new solution more aligned with our service objectives. We found the answer in Aspera. The solution’s speed, security and ease of use enable us to provide quality service to our valued customers.

Dan Eng, IT director, Jabil,

Sundance uses Aspera to allow film submissions from all over the world

With 4,200 feature films and 8,100 shorts submitted from 40 countries, and often in multiple formats, Sundance needed a transfer solution to provide predictable results. The film festival also needed to achieve maximum speed, efficiency and security — regardless of file size or type, transfer distance and network conditions. Watch the Sundance case study video to learn more.

Clients that use file sharing solutions

Base Media Cloud supports customer needs to transfer HD and 4K video files around the world with IBM Aspera integrated into its media distribution solution.

GigaScience uses Aspera products to enable the transfer of enormous research data sets that accompany the articles for its online life sciences journal.

Genomic research center in Spain offers fast file sharing of genomic sequencing data for researchers worldwide with Aspera.

High-speed sending and sharing solutions

IBM Aspera on Cloud

Use this fast SaaS solution to help securely send and share huge files and data sets located anywhere, to anywhere, with anyone.

IBM Aspera Shares

This solution helps enable globally dispersed users and teams to securely share large files and entire directories.

IBM Aspera Faspex

Enable global person-to-person file delivery of large files and entire directories using IBM FASP transfer technology.

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See the speed

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