What is process mapping?

Process mapping is the first step in a process automaton strategy. It’s an approach for non-technical business people to work across departments and functions to document their current business processes and operational decisions, and to discover new opportunities for innovation.

Why is process mapping important for my business?

Process mapping enables you to gain a much better understanding of your business processes and decisions, and to identify specific areas that are ripe for automation.

With a collaborative approach to process mapping, subject matter experts (SMEs) from multiple areas of the business can work together in a virtual environment to document and improve the business processes and customer journeys that run your business.

Icon representing the ability to optimize business operations using a process modeling solution

Optimize business operations

Quickly and easily analyze existing processes to identify areas of improvement.

Icon representing the enhanced ability to collaborate across business silos with a process modeling solution

Collaborate across silos

Engage SMEs, including business users, across the organization to document and design processes.

Icon representing the ability to create and store process maps in a common tool for a single version of the record

Single version of the truth

Create and store process maps in a common tool, so you have a permanent, up-to-date record of your business operations.

How do I get started with process mapping?

Whether you’re a small company or a large organization, and whether you want to implement within a single department or across your enterprise, you can get started quickly with IBM’s cloud-based process mapping and discovery tool, IBM Blueworks Live.

Is a simple diagramming tool good enough?

Basic diagramming tools allow business users to define an initial business process and provide a good path to getting your processes off of sticky notes and into a digital format. However, if company-wide collaboration, real-time change management and integration with automation tools are important to you, a dedicated process modeling tool may be your better choice.

Simple in nature, basic diagramming or flowchart tools lack many of the capabilities that lead to the next level of true process improvement. By moving to a dedicated process mapping software, business users can improve processes, implement version control, keep teams in sync and standardize an effective process mapping solution across the organization.

How can IBM help me?

Your organization relies heavily on business processes that must be mapped, modeled and changed to meet the new demands of the business. Blueworks Live is a cloud-based, business-process-mapping software solution that enables you to discover, map and document your processes, so you can stay ahead of the “process change game” and the competition.

Icon representing IBM’s market leadership in process modeling

Market leader

IBM has the only fully collaborative SaaS-based process modeling capability in the market.

Icon representing IBM’s 100,000 collaborative process users

100,000-plus users

IBM has more than 100,000 collaborative process modeling users, including:

  • Five of the top 10 global banks
  • Seven of the top 20 global retailers

Case studies

Elevations Credit Union
Serving two large counties in Colorado, Elevations uses Blueworks Live to gain a comprehensive understanding of its interdependent processes.

Alpine Electronics, Inc.
The consumer electronics company consolidates its quality management system (QMS) processes with Blueworks Live.

The human resources and business performance solutions provider uses Blueworks Live to reduce time to market for business process changes.

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