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AI brings new depth to customer experience analytics

AI holds the potential to radically transform the customer experience and reinvent how you solve your customer experience (cx) challenges. Use all your data and analytics, provide a consistent experience, and collaborate across business and technical functions on an end-to-end data science platform. Gain a holistic view that positions you to provide a hyper-personalized experience and a consistent customer experience journey.

With AI as part of your cx analytics, you can dismantle data siloes for faster discovery and deployment for more people in your organization. Insights gained through AI mean a better understanding of the customer experience and the agility to adapt to a dynamic marketplace.


Automate tasks

Tools such as AutoAI, data refinery and low-code visual modeling automate tasks for data scientists, and simplify modeling for users.

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Use deep learning

Deep learning algorithms perform a task repeatedly and gradually improve the outcome through deep layers that enable progressive learning.

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Deepen customer insight

Easy tooling and access to more types of data, including unstructured data, enables more in-depth investigation and prediction.

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