Allow globally distributed teams to easily collaborate

To collaborate effectively, global internal and external teams need the freedom to access the data they need when they need it, on any device and without IT infrastructure constraints. That freedom should include the ability to share very large and diverse data sets using shared workspaces and drop-boxes.

The Aspera® high-speed transfer platform meets the demands of today’s complex global production teams. It's a comprehensive platform that supports the most common collaboration use cases across industries — from post-production for major film studios to next-generation genome sequence analysis for life sciences research.

Empower global collaboration — anytime

Easily access and share files

Choose how to collaborate — through web browser, desktop and mobile — with complete freedom to store and access your data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers.

Transfer at maximum speed

Move files of any size and volume over any distance at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions.

Rely on enterprise-grade security

Protect data shared between internal and external users with built-in security that includes user authentication, data integrity validation and AES encryption in transit and, optionally, at rest.

Diagram of Aspera collaboration capabilities in a multicloud SaaS deployment


IBM® Aspera® offers an ultra-fast, secure file-sharing solution to transfer digital assets around the world.

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Comtelsat enables new communication in political broadcasts

In a world where people can record and share video instantly on YouTube or Twitter, the slower cadence of traditional broadcasting is often unable to keep up. That’s why Comtelsat, a Mexico City-based services provider for broadcast companies with operations in Mexico and Latin America, enlisted IBM to enable better collaboration between broadcasters and political parties.

Using Aspera on Cloud, broadcasters can reliably transfer video content and facilitate closer collaboration with political parties over that media. Political parties record content that government agencies quickly check and approve, streamlining a process that once took days or weeks.

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A photo of a satellite dish over a city to illustrate Comtelsat using Aspera to enable collaboration

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