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Chapter 06
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AI can be a valuable tool to augment human decision-making and can accelerate your digital transformation across enterprises. The AI lifecycle itself includes a variety of roles performed by people with different areas of expertise that collectively produce an AI service. Each role, each person, and each data set contribute in a unique way.

But it’s critical to mitigate bias and drift and ensure explainability when building trustworthy AI. If you can’t trust your AI outputs, they are unreliable and potentially harmful to your business and customers.

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Resources and Solutions

Want to learn more about AI lifecycle management and dive deeper into your AI journey? Here are a few resources and solutions that can help.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data can help you improve your data usage to enable better decision making. It’s a unified platform that can help you connect to and access siloed data, regardless of where it lives. When you have access to all your data, you can properly curate it to deliver better insights and explain your AI outcomes.

IBM Watson® Studio can help you eliminate barriers to build and scale successful AI across any cloud by giving you everything you need for the entire AI lifecycle. It empowers data scientists, developers and analysts to build, run and manage AI models while optimizing decisions. When combined with an IBM Data Science for ModelOps approach, you can accelerate end-to-end model development, monitor for fairness and drift, unify data and tools, and track your model performance.

AI FactSheets 360  is designed to help build trust in AI by increasing transparency and enabling governance. A fact sheet is a collection of relevant information (or facts) about the creation and deployment of an AI model, which provide a rich history about its construction.

IBM® OpenPages® With Watson® is a highly scalable governance, risk and compliance solution. It’s AI driven and runs on any cloud, giving you a single environment that can help identify, manage, monitor and report on risk and regulatory compliance.