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A managed service offering for hosting a client’s z/OS operating environment on shared physical infrastructure. Each client is allocated the amount of server, storage, and tape resources they require from a common and secured pool of resources deployed within the CMS on z Systems infrastructure.

Yes, CMS on z Systems is as secure as executing on a dedicated mainframe server and benefiting from its EAL5+ level common criteria security certification. Following standard IBM SO security policies, the CMS on z Systems environment will be approved for both the ITCS104 and ISEC security standards.

An in-house model in majority cases comes out to be more expensive and dilutes the enterprise’s focus on core job. IBM mainframe specialists have the expertise to deliver a multi-tenant infrastructure using virtualization technology on IBM z Systems to support improved flexibility and scalability.

CMS on z Systems will enable an enhanced delivery model for organizations relying on mainframes by offering reduced cost of operation, improved flexibility and adaptability, while standardizing access to IBM’s latest technologies and innovations.

IBM CMS on z Systems provides an integrated set of hardware, software, and services in a single charge unit. This is designed for simplicity of consumption and includes many elements not traditionally included in costing for an on-premises solution, such as floor space, power, and cooling.

CMS on z Systems is a pay-per-use consumption and delivery model that enables delivery of configurable computing resources (MIPS, storage GBs).

Distributed servers will communicate with CMS on z Systems the same way as they do in your infrastructure today. Depending on the application, some distributed servers can be co-located in the same data center as the IBM infrastructure.

Yes. Clients can make service change requests for increasing or decreasing the amount of MIPS, Storage, or Tape resources that are allocated to them. These changes can be either temporal to address peak processing periods or permanent to support ongoing growth.

Yes. The service is built from pre-existing multi-tenant mainframe capabilities that already exist in several countries. IBM has over 60 clients already. Please look at our resources section for case studies.

IBM CMS on z Systems has very robust isolation, virtualization, privacy, and security policies that meet mainframe clients’ requirements.

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