Who knows more about protecting zSystems than zSystems people?

zSecure Value Assessments

The value assessments help ensure ROI for your IBM Security investments

As your mainframe security needs evolve, going through one of the IBM Z Mainframe Value-Assessments can help ensure you are realizing as much value as possible from your investment in your IBM zSecure solutions.

In this three-hour (remote or on-site) engagement, our team will review your existing utilization of zSecure. Assessments are delivered by our top zSecure technical specialists and practitioners who work side-by-side your security team, at no cost to you.

For participating, you will receive a report explaining how to optimize your overall security posture by:

  1. Outlining our recommended mainframe security end state, including any developments or changes in strategy or environment since implementation.
  2. Providing actionable, prioritized recommendations to move from current to desired state.
  3. Updating your team on the evolving solution set
  4. Showing you how IBM zSecure can continue being enablers for your business in the future.

(NOTE: final reports are usually delivered within a week from the end of the assessment.)