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Reduce time to shut down and restart (IPL) a system
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System Recovery Boost is a feature of IBM zSystems introduced in the IBM z15® that reduces the time it takes to shut down and restart (IPL) a system, by temporarily providing additional processor capacity and throughput to a boosted LPAR.

Up to 50% less time to return to pre-shutdown SLAs, 2 times faster transactional backlog processing and 2.5 times faster batch backlog, without rising licensing costs or MSU consumption.

IBM System Recovery Boost improves shutdown and IPL, with short-term acceleration for specific system and sysplex recovery and diagnostic capture events in z/OS®.

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What you get
Start-up speed

IPL boost is enabled by default, giving you extra processor capacity to recover and run faster.

Increased capacity

Recovery process boost improves acceleration capacity of some sysplex recovery situations.

Fast shutdown

Shutdown boost enables a faster shutdown process by delivering extra processor capacity.

System optimization

System Recovery Boost and its upgrades ensure update automation to trigger system optimization.

Boost classes

You can take advantage of three classes of boosts: IPL (startup) boost, recovery process boost, and shutdown boost. Each one with different capabilities and improvements.

See the prerequisites IPL Boost

Get back up and run faster with more processor capacity.

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Recovery process boost

Increase acceleration of sysplex recovery situations.

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Shutdown boost

Enable a faster shutdown by delivering extra processor capacity.

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Boost types

Accelerate recovery processes with the boost type that better suits your system. Learn more about these two boost types: Speed Boost and zIIP Boost.

Speed boost

Lift recovery time of operating systems on a subcapacity CPC.

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zIIP Boost

Improve z/OS recovery time, assuming zIIP capacity is available.

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Resources z/OS 2.5: System Recovery Boost content solution

Browse the collection of all of the information to understand and use System Recovery Boost.

IBM System Recovery Boost upgrade

Try this time-limited offer that builds upon base capabilities within IBM z15 and IBMz16™, without increasing any licensing costs.

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