IBM z/OS DFSMS Cloud Data Manager

Recover unused space on tape when a data set expires or is deleted

IBM® z/OS® DFSMS Cloud Data Manager is z/OS software for migrating large amounts of DFSMS hierarchical storage manager (DFSMShsm) data from physical or virtual tape storage to cloud storage.

Migrating large amounts of existing DFSMShsm Migration Level 2 (ML2) data sets to Migration Level Cloud (MLC) enables you to:

  • Reduce million service units (MSU) consumption by avoiding the time-intensive recycle function required for reading and rewriting aging data sets without gaps in the DFSMShsm environment.
  • Directly access MLC data compared to the serial access required for ML2 data, eliminating contention issues when multiple applications try to access different data on the same real or virtual tape.
What's new

Summary of features and updates for IBM z/OS DFSMS Cloud Data Manager

IBM z/OS DFSMS Cloud Data Manager 1.1 offers cost-effective migration of data to the cloud

Benefits Retain critical historical metadata

Retain critical historical accuracy of data set while migrating data to cloud objects as the date last referenced and the migration date remain unchanged.

Reduce MSU consumption

Use IBM transparent cloud tiering to remigrate data to cloud objects with minimal z/OS host processing.

Minimal impact on data migration

Tuning options enables you to migrate data sets to the cloud without impacting DFSMShsm production workloads.

Options to store cold data

Cloud Object Storage allows you to migrate DFSMShsm ML2 tape data to any S3-compatible object storage. You can use existing on-premises or off-premises cloud storage for storing cold data.

Use IBM TS7700 as Cloud Object Storage

The TS7700 tape subsystem facilitates the migration of DFSMShsm ML2 tape data to cloud objects, reducing recycle processing time and replacing serial access with direct data access.

Use cases Migrate tape data to Cloud Object Storage

Move vast amounts of cold data from tape to Cloud Object Storage. Easily find and select DFSMShsm-managed ML2 tape data by last migration date to migrate from ML2 to MLC.

Apply new or updated management class policies

Create new policies or update existing policies defined years or decades ago for existing ML2 data. Use DFSMScdm to migrate existing ML2 data according to new or updated policies.

Technical details

The requirements are as follows after the installation of Shopz:

Hardware requirements

These are the specific support required to use IBM transparent cloud tiering for data migration to the cloud:

  • IBM DS8900 9.2.x or later
  • Feature code 5283

IBM transparent cloud tiering requires VED 5.3 or later for the TS7700 target.

Implementation instructions
Software requirements

These are the requirements needed for z/OS DFSMS Cloud Data Manager:

  • IBM z/OS 2.4 (5650-ZOS) or later
  • The z/OS DFSMS Hierarchical Storage Manager component of a supported release of z/OS. For DFSMShsm on z/OS 2.4, APAR OA59904 (PTF UJ04709) is required.
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