Meet IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition

Benefits of IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition


RESTful APIs to and from your Z assets

Create APIs in minutes to access IBM Z applications/data and deploy APIs to development servers in seconds and immediately test in Swagger UI to rapidly iterate on API projects.

Call APIs from Z

Enhance z/OS® applications with the power of cloud native functions, plus easily call APIs using native interfaces from COBOL and PLI programs.

Designed for DevOps

Drive agility across your development teams with parallel development for APIs and Services using source code management systems like Git (or RTC/Jazz).

Enterprise ready

Secure your business-critical API calls, both in and out of Z, using web security patterns to propagate user identities across end-to-end API flows.

Monitor end-to-end API requests

Monitor your API workloads and quickly identify any issues across your essential Z assets before they become a problem.

Active 3rd party ecosystem

z/OS Connect EE is pluggable and extensible, allowing for 3rd Party Service Providers to expand the list of z/OS assets you can expose as APIs.

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IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition

Discover how to rapidly transform your IBM Z® assets by using APIs