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Gain a complete view of configuration assets in real-time. Identify, track and backup configuration changes with a robust z/OS management tool.
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Streamline your configuration tracking

System programmers can identify, track and recover hundreds of configuration files in real-time using IBM z/OS Change Tracker. Mission-critical system and application software configuration data can be monitored automatically in real-time for z/OS environments. IBM z/OS Change Tracker can audit and check software configuration integrity, protect critical libraries and track changes through auditable trails and snapshots of key identified data sets.

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Benefits Simplified monitoring

Control and plan automatic backup capabilities and roll back unwanted changes.

Avoid duplicate software copies

Quickly understand differences between two groups of data sets or volumes.

Tools to boost your change tracking Unprecedented control

Track and control real-time system-wide software configuration changes.

Enhanced recovery processes

Automatic versioning of identified system control data sets.

Expanded capabilities

Immediate rollback capabilities to undo unplanned/unsuccessful promotions.

Next-level monitoring

Data set recovery and reporting of real-time configuration data changes.

Resources For systems programmers

Discover the tool that can provide full monitoring and control for z/OS software management.

IBM z/OS operating system

A highly secure and scalable operating system for running mission-critical applications.

What's new Get the z/OSMF plug-in

z/OS Change Tracker is now supported as a z/OSMF plug-in. Use our graphical interface to perform tasks and monitor resources.

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