Monitor and manage z/OS-based IBM Z systems more efficiently with problem insights and deep root-cause analysis
Flat-style illustration of the IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS dashboard showing real-time performance metrics and anomalies

IBM Z® OMEGAMON® AI for z/OS® software lets you monitor and manage workload performance, resource utilization of entire sysplexes, and the individual z/OS systems that participate in them. It is a part of the OMEGAMON family of software products.

IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS provides detailed monitoring and problem management capabilities for IBM Z systems. Monitor and manage components such as Workload Manager, Coupling Facility, Cross System Coupling Facility (XCF), Global Enqueue, shared DASD and USS (Unix System Services) workloads. It is designed to improve visibility, usability and performance to help manage these environments and components more efficiently and effectively. 

Integrate with other products within the OMEGAMON family to deliver seamless z/OS management capabilities.

What's new

Summary of features and updates for Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS

Benefits Increase availability

Discover root causes of base performance impacts in near real-time to maintain system availability. Use impact analysis to view detailed CPU usage down to the CSECT(Executable Control Section).

Extend visibility

View an entire IBM Z enterprise-wide environment from a single OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 user interface. Forward alerts to System Automation, write to the operator or to external event managers.

Streamline deployment

Use a simple batch installation, configuration, maintenance and deploy process to implement OMEGAMON agents on logical partitions. Use the discovery process to discover subsystems, operating system and network configuration parameters to reduce errors.

Reduce costs

Take advantage of the IBM OMEGAMON architecture for cloud support throughout hybrid environments to reduce software costs and the need for mainframe resources.

Outsmart performance issues

Prioritize and isolate issues and use automated tools to resolve them. Help prevent outages and performance problems with intelligent alerts, targeted reporting and linkages to related tools.

Get proactive operational insights

Enable IT teams to proactively identify common operational issues and define alert thresholds with OMEGAMON AI Insights.

Monitor processor usage

Provides processor information for the monitored system and address spaces. Manages high-consuming tasks to avoid constraints. Improves efficiency by diagnosing program code execution times by an address space. Enhances productivity with alerts before capacity or looping task conditions occur.

Validate if service classes are meeting goals

Gives insights into workload capacity metrics, with visualization, to validate if performance goals are achieved. Use the product's supplied views to understand which resources are in use and how they are impacting performance. Increase system availability by finding problems before system outages.

Locate enqueues across your sysplexes

Understands the impact of global enqueues across the sysplex and in the individual systems. Be informed when an enqueue is starting to impact a service and take automated remedial actions to return a service back to expected levels.

Sysplex workspaces Defining Sysplexes

Observe common storage usage by address space

Avoids system outages by monitoring active address space, the Common Storage Area utilization and get alerted when a constraint is identified.

Manage bottlenecks and looping tasks

Provides systems programmers an overview of all address space workloads as well as the execution states. Utilize the address space bottleneck and Impact Analysis (modules) workspaces to determine which execution states, such as waiting for resources CPU, are impacting system performance goals.

Monitor z/OS Container Extensions performance

Provides support for z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) with CPU usage and network performance about all address spaces in the zCX category for a selected managed system. It also lists Address Space CPU utilization and zCX Instances.

z/OS Container Extensions overview workspace Enabling zCX monitoring

Operational insights with IBM OMEGAMON

IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS integrates with IBM Z OMEGAMON AI Insights, a diagnostic tool that helps identify and forecast the performance of z/OS system resources and applications. Use it as an AI/ML model to process a curated list of key performance indicators to identify anomalies indicative of poor performance and trends.

Use IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider to help quickly detect problems, determine response and automate actions to remediate and prevent future occurrences.

Configuring OMEGAMON AI Insights Configuring Z OMEGAMON Data Provider

Simplified installation, configuration and maintenance

Offers a simplified setup and configuration features of IBM OMEGAMON software to help you decrease the number of parameters and jobs needed to perform maintenance, reduce errors and maintenance time windows.

Enhanced 3270 user interface

Offers a unified, color-coded view throughout multiple sysplexes of IBM z/OS and subsystems and helps simplify and speed monitoring and management. Maintains efficient movement between z/OS components to improve productivity by simplifying the work required to monitor and manage the mainframe.

The OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 User Interface
Technical details
Hardware requirements

Deploy on any IBM Z processor capable of running z/OS V2.3.0, or later.

Explore planning and configuration requirements
Software requirements

For detailed information about the software requirements, run a Software Product Compatibility Report for IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for z/OS.

Run a detailed system requirements report
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